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If you ever need to quickly see some hardware information when you boot up your Chrome OS Device, I'd recommend you remember this keyboard shortcut: <Ctrl> + i. 

EDIT: <Tab> is even better ;)
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That's just the TAB key. It works at any BIOS screen.
They just happen to be the same key, at least on most US keyboards. TAB is ASCII 9, which is also Ctrl-I. Likewise, Ctrl-J and Ctrl-M are "\n" and "\r". Dumb terminals (not X Windows) often treat those interchangeably. 
Is it correct to think I have to have the machine on dev mode to do this?  (I tried it out on just the dev channel and failed to get it to work).
Correct. This is a debugging feature of the BIOS, which you only have a chance to see in developer mode or during recovery. 
I put my machine on developer mode, and I'm still failing to see this info.  I'm on a CR-48 if that affects anything.

+François Beaufort, at what point do I enter the shortcuts and how do I do them?  E.g., do I tap once, hold down for 10 seconds, etc.
Yes, CR-48 effects things.  The tab feature may not be a part of the CR-48 firmware.  The firmware has been changing over time (i.e. as each new Chrome OS device comes out), and tab is (I am speculating) a newer feature.  
Thanks, Trever.  I'm wondering if ctrl+i is, as well because I tried both.  Then, again, this is why I asked my most recent question because I wonder if I'm doing it wrong.
I believe what Bill was saying is that ctrl+i and tab are sending equivalent signals from the keyboard, so they are essentially the same as far as the rest of the computer is concerned.  Shouldn't matter.  As far as doing it correctly, you can try pressing and holding tab, etc., just to make sure if the firmware is polling slowly it gets the signal, but (again) I suspect you are simply not going to have the feature.  On my Chrome OS machines (various, but no CR-48), output when I hit tab is essentially instantaneous.
Oh, sorry. No, Cr48 doesn't have the Tab feature. And earlier systems don't show as much info as later models.
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