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Last Chrome Beta for Android Update has a new "*Simpler tab switcher*" which is intended to work on low memory KitKat devices.

If you want to check it out, enable the chrome://flags/#accessibility-tab-switcher flag on your android phone and you'll be able to use this new tab switcher. 
As you can see below, its focus is on simplicity. It's fast and efficient.

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Looks better than actual. Make it by default=)
Great, but we still can’t close a tab without going to the tab manager (a two finger swipe down or something like that will be cool).
SO much better than the card style.
It's honestly sad when the UI designed for low-end devices is better, both in appearance and user experience, than the one designed for higher-end devices. Maybe you guys should make the uglier one opt-in since it actually does look and feel like an experiment?
Bummer that at least here, the down swipe gesture to get to the switcher still pulls up the old card style. Can see why though!
+Michael Hart Yeah, "an experiment" is what many aspects of Android and Google apps feel. They really need to be serious and settle on well designed and convenient things and stop playing around with the design all the time. 
Does this only work on KitKat or also with 4.2/4.3
Any news on 4.2 I don't see the option on 4.2 unless I'm blind, thanks for the reply. 
Do you have chrome beta and look for "switcher" in about:flags?
That looks horrible, don´t make that the default please
Am switching to the new tabs right now. Love it so much.
I'm using it under 4.1.2 now.  I ended up jumping over to Dolphin browser for a bit because of speed issues in Chrome, I'm wondering if this will make it a bit faster in loading.
Looks neat, gonna try it out later tonight
What is the actual flag that I should be setting if I want this? Is it "Enable the new NTP."?
I've got this on my Samsung Captivate running CM10.2 I think it's the compatibility mode switcher for slower devices. Remember that KitKat is supposed to be supporting devices with 512mb ram? I think some of the graphical glitz and glamour gets reduced in favour of speed. It's nowhere near as pretty as the cards.
I am willing to give up fancy UI animations for speed and practicality. So far this new switcher on N4 works much faster than the stock card style tab changer which is slow especially with a lot of tabs open.
Hi. Why I can't enable this on my ASUS memo pad / 4.2.2? I think it might be much more easy to use but I haven't chance to test it...
It looks it is not used anymore while I can still see it in chrome://flags ;(
+François Beaufort Oh that's why. I hope it will come back soon since there's no jank animation when opening new tab or switching in between tabs using the accessibility tab switcher. :)
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