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The chromium team is currently working on bringing Lorgnette¹, a new service for connecting to a document scanner in Chrome OS.

In its first implementation, it would provide a simple method for scanning to a file in the "Downloads" folder.


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TIL what a lorgnette is.  How is this suppose to work?  With "legacy" scanners?
Exciting news!  This has been needed
This should be part of the Google Cloud Print. To be able to fully use the MFP through a cloud.
Does it also include cool vintage filters to add to our scanned documents?
Scanner support would be amazing . now all that's left is port Gimp to chrome os please please
been contemplating a Doxie purchase. This would be a very nice addition so I could use it on the Pixel.
So is this for TWAIN -compatible scanners only?  I'd love to be able to use my Fujitsu Scansnap on Chrome (which is NOT a TWAIN scanner)
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