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The App Info dialog is now enabled by default in the last chromium build. It means users can see basic information for their apps directly from the App Launcher and don't have to go to chrome://extensions anymore.

The summary tab contains what you expect:
- App name,
- App description
- App version
- Link to the Chrome Web Store
- "Create shortcuts" action
- "Open as" action if the app is an Hosted App.

Where as the permissions tab has:
- Required permissions
- Optional permissions (

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Are they still plans to support:
- Ratings and ability to rate the app
- Developer / support links
- Install space capability
- local and cloud storage with a reset capability
- Dynamic permissions and ability to clear
- Retained files

Has work started to be able to get the 'App Info' button from apps on the shelf on Chrome OS?

Will options that are there twice like 'open as' be streamlined to only appear once?
I think most of the things listed are planned. Right now we want to get it released which means replicating stuff which is available in chrome://extensions.

Once that is done we'll look at those other capabilities (e.g. revoking permissions, clearing storage), making it available in the shelf and also making it available to extensions via chrome://extensions.

Lastly, we will be doing some streamlining but I think some things will be repeated - exactly what is up to the UI team who are currently looking at the dialog.
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