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As we speak, the chromium team is adding a Record button to the Chrome Remote Desktop App.

And if like me, you want to try it out and build your own Chromoting App, also known as Chrome Remote Desktop, follow the instructions at

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Any chance there's an item on the list to minimize the size of the "Your desktop is currently shared with" bar?  Better yet, an option (on the client side) to disable completely.   Obnoxiously in the way for me in most cases.  What's everybody else think about that thing?
And an easy way to go into fullscreen mode without 'shrink to fit'. Preferably allowing for settings on a per computer basis.
I wish they would build support for Chrome OS before working on this stuff.
Why do I always see schreenshots of Apple desktops, why not use Chromebooks? OK a bit of topic. Sorry.
+François Beaufort any chance we will get a final/official build of Chrome Remote Desktop for Chromebook ? It is a really great app but I cannot use it to remotely assist my family members (who have chromebooks also).

(just seems weird that a chromebook cannot use Google's CRD)
Nifty, but if this is saving locally, Chromebooks have very little storage available. 
You can remote desktop to other Chromebooks through Hangouts. The more you know...
+Matt Carner I have not tried it through hangouts but as +Christian Schaer mentioned it may only allow view only. My other problem with the hangout CRD is the viewable size (too small). Either way, I am confident that +François Beaufort and team are working to address this issue 
+François Beaufort not sure why Google build these type of apps using NaCl instead of PNaCl? Why neglect a large number of Chromebook users?

Is there a technical reason why?
+François Beaufort Darn it. I remember that issue getting marked as in-progress, but it seems to have gone dead since then.
+Kurt Palmer Did you try Google Hangout Desktop to remotely access Chromebook? sorry I just read your above answer regarding Google Hangout Remote Desktop
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