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VP9 is an open and royalty free video compression standard being developed by Google and the successor of VP8. If you're into video, you'll be happy to know that Google Chrome Team is working on it right now.

Actually, you can already play VP9 videos in WebM containers by running chome with the switch --enable-vp9-playback.
Here's a sample video with a bear to try:

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Too bad  H.265 is set to become the new standard for video delivery on the web. No one wants open source formats like WebM or this? 
I've noticed that WebM and WebP get very little love, probably because of who owns them. It's a shame since the formats work extremely well for saving space / bandwidth =\
Mozilla and Opera support WebP. Adobe supports WebM I think. Microsoft and Apple on the other hand... 

Opera in fact use WebP for their Opera Turbo technology which is pretty cool. 
Is H265 the logical equivalent to WebM or VP9?  Also, how to H265 and VP9 compare in terms of size and efficiency?
I don't think Mozilla supports WebP, +Sushubh Mittal. My friend and I were just discussing this last night. He found the Google page where they compared WebP and PNG images and he couldn't see any of the WebP images. Silly personal politics on Mozilla's end it seems from bug reports.
+Christian Gati Righto. Googling tells me that Mozilla indeed rejected WebP image format. :\ I am waiting for Imgur to add support for it as well. Need a image hosting service that support webp files! Yes, I do know that I can upload WebP images on Google Plus. That works great! 
+Christian Gati Actually what is politics is Google saying they were going to remove H264 support from Chrome and never doing it.
Opera and Mozilla already does not support it. It is supported automatically through Adobe Flash Player. 

Google did good by supporting WebM on YouTube. But Internet Explorer and Safari does not support it. 

This alone ensures that Google cannot move to HTML5 player on YouTube permanently in the future. 
Great. I am having a spreading wrong information day today :-\ me bad. 
+Darren Neimke According to a presentation by Google, VP9 is ~7% behind HEVC/h.265 in terms of quality/bitrate when they tested VP9 in Q4 of 2011 (They started developing VP9 in Q3 2011). Their goal is to become even better than HEVC.
Is this 'enable vp9'' flag working in chrome? If so, is youtube supporting this by converting all to vp9?
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