The DOM Distiller is an exciting open-source project created by the chromium team whose goal is to provide a better reading experience by distilling the content of the page. Yes, we're talking about Reader mode here: a mobile-friendly viewing mode for Chrome mobile but not only.

If you're on Mobile, you can already open Chrome on your mobile device, turn on the Reader Mode flag at chrome://flags#enable-reader-mode-toolbar-icon, relaunch and tap on the "Reader mode" icon in the toolbar to try it out.

If you're on desktop, playing with it is as easy as running chrome with the --enable-dom-distiller switch. Once it's done, you'll notice a new "Distill page" menu item.

For info, the internal debug page is chrome://dom-distiller. And since you're still there, open your JS console and give a try to some themes with useTheme('sepia') or useTheme('dark').

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