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Does someone own a HP Pavilion Chromebook here? If so, please let me know.

Thanks in advance! 
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Are you trying to publicly shame people, +François Beaufort?  JK, I actually have a regular Windows HP Pavilion, although I wish it were a Pixel (given how often I use my Cr-48, instead)!
HP installs Chrome OS someone of their laptops. I dont call them Chromebooks.
+Cougar Abogado No Shame here, my original Samsung series 5 was showing wear (screen was very loose to the point of not staying where I wanted it, I guess my todlers bent it back on to many times), and I wanted a bigger screen. Plus HP gets a lot of things wrong its nice when they  attempt things outside the ordinary for them.
It's doesn't even have the normal Chromebook keys, right?
+David Englert, sorry if my comment came across as offensive -- I can certainly see how it would.  

For me, I was mainly thinking of how I sprang for an HP Pavilion a few years back, specifically because it had a much bigger screen, and now I regularly use my Cr-48, instead, which has a significantly smaller screen, and I'm fine with the Cr-48's screen size.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you seem to be enjoying the HP Chromebook.
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