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People are really excited about the upcoming rich notifications, so here's something you'll love: The Notifications Galore! App - An app built by Google Chrome Team to test internally the new message center.

Follow these steps to play with it:
- First make sure you have enabled "Experimental Extension APIs" in chrome://flags 
- Download the zipped app at
- Unzip it
- Go to chrome://extensions
- Check "Developer Mode"
- Click on "Load Unpacked Extension" button
- Select the extracted folder
- Launch the App
- Be amazed!

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Does that Unified Messenger app icon go anywhere yet? ;)
I like late night updates like these there like gems lol
Gerwin Sturm
So that destroys all the rumours about what that icon might be about... it's actually the icon of the Notification Galore...
Ah, yes, didn't see that that was the open app.

Well, darn :(
Well atleast it's getting closer everyone be patient there listening :)
+François Beaufort Pictures still are not showing up on any of my notifications :( guess I have to wait for them to fix that on windows.
+Matthew Garbett please don't make me false hopes ;p. Do you have any source on that?

+Tyson Kemp I'm not nazi. I'm quite literally the opposite of nazi. I was just making sure if I guessed that right...
+Maurycy Damian Wasilewski I've seen a few articles talking about it but my main source is I personally talked to Hugo Barra in a hangout and he told me they were working on a combined messaging solution I was going to love.
+Matthew Garbett That's enough for me as for now then :). Thanks for that info!

And now, when we have that settled, I can cheer for rich notifications too! ;)
It's pretty fair to assume Google's messaging solution to be unveiled at Google I/O in June (or is it May?). Along with an update to the Nexus 7 :)
+François Beaufort I followed the steps above but no notifications in my chrome browser. What did I wrong? Where is the trick? And where to launch the app?
Everyone its just a test app ... you have to open it from the launcher then start clicking the notification types like mad to see them in the notification area!!!
First! ... btw 6:47am all nighter!
I'm pretty sure Unified Messaging is still happening; it's just this isn't the icon for it. Or they might reuse the icon, but I guess that isn't very likely.
Also If anybody has problems with it telling you that it still needs the experimental APIs even though you enabled it, make sure you restart Chrome completely (even exit out of the chrome system tray icon) and then try it.
Did you enable "Rich notifications" in chrome://flags?
If yes, I guess it does not work in Windows now and you might need to wait a little bit more.
+François Beaufort - is this just a demo, or a functioning app that works with my own notifications? I got the app to work immediately, but it's just showing me generic notifications (for Garrulous). Thanks!
+Brent Biglin I posted a mirror from my drive so you can download it from there too.  Just scroll up in the comments
People sure are excited!  You can't download the zipped file because the quota is exceeded.  Good work, François!
This is probably a dumb question, but how do you unzip on ChomeOS? Yeah, I've Google'd it and I've only found websites saying Chrome was getting the feature like a year ago. 
Just click the zipped file and it'll turn into a folder!
I've been messing around with my chrome book since yesterday and I can't seem to get a notification for gmail Google plus Google talk Google messenger or anything Google related. Am I doing something wrong or is it not implemented yet? 
I don't get the notifications...when an email arrives if I have gmail open it flashes the notification but only if I am looking then it removes the alert from the box.
So does this change your notifications that you receive? Haven't tested it yet :P
Currently it only displays notifications for apps and extensions. So far I haven't seen any notifications for gmail, Google+, or Google Voice I have seen some from Google Talk but I think that's not really constant.
It is not showing up anything for me (Chrome OS or Windows 8 64Bit). I am getting the following stack trace!:

Error in event handler for 'app.runtime.onLaunched': Cannot call method 'addListener' of undefined TypeError: Cannot call method 'addListener' of undefined
    at Object.Galore.controller.listen_ (chrome-extension://kmmfgchcpimajghfdcijcanbnaiaacfk/controller.js:28:45)
    at Object.Galore.controller.create (chrome-extension://kmmfgchcpimajghfdcijcanbnaiaacfk/controller.js:17:16)
    at chrome.Event.dispatchToListener (event_bindings:387:21)
    at chrome.Event.dispatch_ (event_bindings:373:27)
    at dispatchArgs (event_bindings:249:22)
    at (app.runtime:116:7)
    at Object.chromeHidden.Event.dispatchEvent (event_bindings:255:35) event_bindings:377
chrome.Event.dispatch_ event_bindings:377
dispatchArgs event_bindings:249
(anonymous function) app.runtime:116
+Matthew Garbett downloaded it;launched it how does it work,do we have to trigger it by some action? seems to do nothing;only opens a menu.....
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