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The same way Chrome for Windows 8 has a Metro Mode¹, Chrome Canary for Windows 7 just got a new experimental "Chrome OS Mode" that you can enable by clicking on the Chrome top-level menu "Relaunch Chrome in Chrome OS mode".

With no Metro Mode on Windows 7, Chrome actually runs maximized (or fullscreen if your taskbar automatically hides) so that users get a nice immersive experience.


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What's the difference between Win7 Chrome OS mode compared to normal Chrome?
Please bring it to Mac OS. I'm in Apple exile waiting for the ultimate Chromebook. 
Hi +François Beaufort! Loving the lightning storm of improvements to Chrome.  Any idea if there is a way to make the profile selector the default window when when opening Chrome that has multiple accounts synced?  
There is no fullscreen. Taskbar still at the bottom of screen.
crash when "relaunch chrome in chromeOS modde".. any suggestion..

my notebook is lenovo g410 windows 7 ultimate
Oh you're right! My win7 taskbar was automatically hidden. That's why!
Will update the post then. Thank you Timur!
+François Beaufort That's cool! I love how you're working to allow Chrome OS to "invade" other operating systems. It let's people try the UI out before actually switching to a Chromebook.
This is amazing, I thought about them doing this yesterday. 
it seems that it doesn't work anymore. I got an update just few hours ago and then it crashes after clicking on "Relaunch in Chrome OS mode"
Maybe we can automatically enable hide taskbar function when user come into Chrome OS mode and disable it after user exit Chrome OS mode. +François Beaufort
Cool move, but it will still be running on top of the monster that is Windows. A big (huge) advantage of Chrome OS, to me, is getting away from all of the baggage that Windows drags to the party.

But I guess this could be a gateway for people to try it in full immersion.
I feel like I'm one of the only people that wants to see this on OSX
+Tomas Haley-Ohrt Chrome has it's own dedicated desktop free of other apps.  It also has a taskbar dedicated to Chrome apps and Chrome windows.  The attached screenshot gives you a good idea of what it looks like.
+Arief Hermawan same here ...crash every time, win7 x64 ultimate, Canary Version 39.0.2144.2 canary (64-bit)
This is the one thing I wanted Windows 8 for :D
So the slow start up time of Windows 7 and the limited functionality of Chrome OS?
Hi there, wallpaper (or at least color scheme) coming soon.

Hiding the toolbar, maybe. we need ways for non-savvy users to get back to the desktop.
+Tomas Haley-Ohrt Normal Chrome is just an app, whereas ChromeOS mode is essentially what runs on a Chromebook, meaning essentially a more immersive experience without having traditional Windows 7 apps getting in the way. It's cool, and I can't wait for it to hit Beta Channel, though it might be awhile.
Give windows 8 the os mode too .-.
+Sean Loper It already has it. Settings>Run Chrome in Metro Mode (or something of that nature).
I don't want metro mode. I like that notification ui more .-.
+François Beaufort I am unable to see that option. Just downloaded Canary especially for this..but cant seem to find the option in my top right drop down menu..HELP PLEASE?
+pranjal ramawat I guess it has been removed 2-3 weeks ago. I still have a portable dev version in my usb, which has that feature, but it's not canary. And you shouldn't update it if you want to keep chrome os mode available.
I can send google drive link if anyone is interested.
+Mete Ertürk Thanks for the share.
I downloaded it and after clicking on relauch as chrome os mode i get windows crash error.
Program has stopped responding/working.
i downloaded chrome canary but i can't find any relaunch or any chrome os !
It's disabled for me as of about a week or two ago.
+Andrew McLoughlin​ The link that +Mete Ertürk​ shared has a portable version that's the only way I've gotten it to work. It has some issues syncing at first, because it's an older version, and it usually crashes on me once the first time I run it on a new computer, but after that first crash it sorts out all the issues and works fine.
so this was removed then? no wonder why i've been trying different versions of chrome and not being able to find it until I stumbled across this.
+1 if you want this amazing feature back.
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