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This week-end, I created a very simplistic WebRTC game. There's nothing fancy but it's just a cool way, in my opinion, to interact with colors for kids.

Goal is to show to the camera something whose color is the same as the one asked. If you're not prepared, it's hard. If you have a ton of colored pencils, it definitely helps I won't lie.

Go give a try if you have 37 seconds to lose: and feel free to explore the javascript code. 
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It didn't seem to like my yellow sticky note :( EDIT: Nvm I got it to work pretty cool game.
I can't get past the yellow/orange! I tried a ton of stuff, including a photo of that exact screen, and still I lose.
Yeah I can't get past the first color any more than the first time lol.
Chrome Beta for Android doesn't have "Enable MediaStream" flag. :(
For everyone, it works much better if you bump the threshold up to 80. He is using just generic colors, but most (if not all) webcams wash out colors.
Ctrl+Shift+J for dev console, then type game.threshold = 80 in after the game has started. Make sure you are already holding an orange thing, since the game will be going already.
Awesome idea, would be a great little game for parents away from their kids if it also recognized basic shapes, and sounds.

For sounds you could have it display the words "moo" or "quack" along with a picture of the animal, and have the kid imitate that sound on the other end. 
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