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Sometimes, you just learn some really basic stuff and today is one of these days. I just discovered that

<ctrl> + <insert> copy selection
<shift> + <insert> paste selection

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confusing... still prefer ctrl-c/ctrl-v
copy selection with mouse, than paste it by pressing middle mouse button. (works under Linux)
This works on all OSes. I used to work with a guy who copy/pasted this way and it was strange to watch, but he was super-fast with it. He also used a Dvorak keyboard.
Neat!  Logitech keyboard (with a Chromebox) has an insert key, and it works!   Not sure if it's faster than Control C/Control V but nice to have an option
Fun fact: on Linux, you can also select something, then middle-click the "new tab" button in Chrome to open selected URL/search for selected text.
Back when I was meddling on a machine with just MS-DOS, ctrl+insert and shift+insert was all I used to copy-paste; I only got in the ctrl+c/ctrl+v when I was using a GUI-based OS most of the time.
Yeah, Shift+Insert is an old time combo, though I didn't know about Ctrl+Insert.   I need a custom Chromebook with an Insert key just to be able to keep using this.
I still use shift + insert to paste. alt + insert is the same as ctrl-x, too, btw... They're old shortcuts from DOS's "shell" command if memory serves me (circa MS-DOS 5.0). They've been supported on Windows since 3.1 and just never went away. 
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