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The Files App is about to become a full-fledged Chrome Packaged App with a brand new UI.

You can see the work in progress in Google Chrome OS Dev right now by running chrome with the switch --file-manager-new-ui. Instructions to follow are available at

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I like what was done with the search bar!
I'm not sure what it means ( I don't have Chrome OS, so I don't even know this app, except for screenshots ).
Does this means it will be available in the Chrome browser?
it also needs a new icon i think... the blue folder is not... enough...
Keep up the good work! Great to see ChromeOS evolve in front of our eyes!
Nice UI. I also hope there are some performance improvements with local file handling.
I really hope one day it's easy for web apps to have access to a Open/Save/Save As dialog without too much headache.
How easy do you want it ... seems pretty easy to me?
Well, I know there's some interesting tech, they have an open dialog project, a low level api which is cool, and ability to launch from google drive.  What I really want is for the user to never have to leave my app experience to save and open files, and for me to be able to open and save through a google drive dialog library that I could just put on my website "Google.OpenSaveAs.js".

GoogleDrive.openFiles( function(files){  //do something with files; });
GoogleDrive.saveFile(file, function(){ //complete });

That's easy to me.  I want to be able to work on my app, not recreating a user file experience that native apps have had forever.
I'm with +Gaétan Penotet -- Can you confirm whether this means Files will be available in the browser as well?
I can't tell for now because I don't know ;)
There is no plan I'm aware of.
It was just an extension. Now it can use the new awesome apis available only to packaged apps.
Any new file types natively supported with this? Such as .mkv?
I did everything . but I dont see a difference. what is the big difference . Thank you, for the tutorial !
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