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The New Tab Page in the last chromium build is slowly moving to Material Design¹, Google's new visual look.

All you need to follow the work in progress is to enable the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-material-design-ntp flag and go to chrome-search://local-ntp/local-ntp.html.


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I hope it also means UI full of smooth animations at some point, like Chrome beta on Android.
There's gonna be a crowd of people saying it's a terrible idea and that Chrome's getting too bloated. Just wait...
Xero Xedd
It is bloated. Chrome uses more resources than anything else on my machine. Even Steam uses less.
I wish i could rearrange or select what appears in those boxes.
+Xero Xedd so would you rather those resources just sit not in use?  It's called taking advantage of the hardware, memory, etc. 
+Shane Menshik I'd rather the browser used less resources. Which part of that did you not understand? 
+Xero Xedd Oh I understood, you would rather it not maximize its performance, not use resources that are available and not in use.. got it.. /sigh  
Let the browser use all your resources... I don't know about you, but I want my browser running as fast as possible.
Go use Firefox or something... It won't use more than 30% of my CPU on my netbook (where CPU is already limited).
Ahhhh...that is a gloriously clean page.  Bravo Chrome team!  Thanks for continuing to give us the best portal to the world.  
+Shane Menshik people are running other software as well on their machines and would prefer that the browser doesn't eat up all the CPU and RAM available. there is also the issue of battery performance, if Chrome maximizes performance, laptop batteries will be drained faster.
+George B. Moga lots of different use cases, if it is designed to adapt to when it is in focused use and not, I think its a good thing.  A little user tab management doesn't hurt either ;)
Looks like the same standard NTP, except with box shadows, nothing to see here for now, but thanks, +François Beaufort, for pointing out the url for the start page - I've enabled the setting a while ago but couldn't figure out why it wasn't doing anything.
I agree with those who have expressed the RAM usage of Chrome, the more available RAM on your system the more it wants to use for anything more than a few tabs. Something seriously needs to be done to address this, it's been a problem for a very long time.
+Arthur Zakaryan but again, if it lets the RAM go when another app needs it, whats the harm? As long as it's using it when you need it, and lets it go when you don't and another app does.
+Shane Menshik The point is that it shouldn't need as much as it's using, it isn't memory efficient. It should be able to do more with less, not use up every bit of available RAM at its disposal.
+Arthur Zakaryan Are you saying Chrome should leave as much RAM unused as possible? That sounds more inefficient
+Arthur Zakaryan If I have the RAM available - I would much rather have chrome take all these large images i'm viewing, content of sites im visiting, G+ feed, etc and store them in ram instead of writing them to disk and then having to reload them from disk anytime i swap back to chrome.  I'd rather have the speed than looking at some stat that says I have xxxx memory free.
Doesn't matter, everyone I know uses an extension to get pre v33 one back since you guys can't leave good designs alone and end up running them.
Chrome should not provide the new tab page at all if it can't keep its base look. Just think about it - it has had about 5 major changes since the first release while the UI has had one (page menu and go button removed, bookmark and stop buttons relocated).
And even if that wasn't enough, it has been removing features (recent tabs, apps, reordering of tiles, ability to group things in pages) all that time. 
+Shane Menshik Your getting worked up over my desires for how I want my machine to use its resources made you come across as an ass. And adding the /sigh at the end, that put the cherry on the douchebag sundae.
+Xero Xedd Lol @ you thinking i'm worked up over you wanting to see a higher number in your available ram.  I'm just pointing out the reasons you shouldn't want that.  Perhaps someone could work up something so everything you do is cached directly to your drive and not RAM, so you could enjoy the slow task switching to/from chrome and browsing that gives you.
+Froyo Bob I don't think it's coming back. The best you can do is install an extension to replace it...
When is there going to be more Material Design added to Chrome for Windows? It is starting to look pretty ugly/outdated...
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