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The TimeScapes App embed in the Chromebook Pixel is basically a simple Chrome App that plays one amazing video.

Since the video is 311MB, this one was directly placed into the device in a non-accessible folder at /usr/share/oem/.

This morning, I'm happy to announce the TimeScapes video is now freely accessible to anyone who doesn't own a Chromebook Pixel yet.

If you like it, the entire movie of Tom Lowe is available for order at
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Gorgeous video. Funny how it somehow looks more like "real life," even though the artist keeps playing with the time scale.
It looks particularly nice on the Pixel - almost 3D.
This video was floating around Reddit a few months ago. Can't wait to see this on my Pixel....two more days!
Leo Lee
This video is better than any movie. With 1080HD, I feel I was there. I am happy to see this before my time goes out from Earth. Thank you for sharing and thank you for someone who made this. 
This is absolutely gorgeous.
Wow, I just started the video on my Chromebook Pixel and it's absolutely gorgeous. My wife was saying that "it's impossible to show people on TV how beautiful the screen of the Pixel is", and she's right. You have to see it to believe it, and the TimeScapes video is a great way to demonstrate it.
I don't care what anyone says, Google is pretty damn cool.  
No company will ever be seen as not 'Evil' so lets all get over ourselves.  
Who's life has not been changed for the good by Google? 
Very beautiful video...this should be used to inspire 3d engine designers and game developers everywhere as to what game rendering technologies need to achieve that full immersion / reality factor. It would be amazing to see a game engine benchmark showing off its capabilities by rendering this entire video in realtime. 
Thank you for this beauty sight for i would never have seen it
What high def screens were made for!
Sadly, the technology moves faster than the standards do. We haven't got it all in sync with 1080p, and there is already a larger high res. But that is what drives the progress, so it makes me thrilled 
OMG! So very beautiful and amazingly awesome.

TimeScapes is a beautiful film, very much worth the money.
Can one of you smart developer people out there turn this into a live wallpaper for us...much appreciated
I can imagine creating dozens of wallpapers from screen captures from this video.
+Rander. Beautiful, in a completely different way.
Job W
beautiful but useless.. can i get more? ;)
it certainly makes a difference when pairing up next to a generic pc monitor (even at "original" quality)
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