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App Launcher is getting some love in the last chromium build (

There is a new flag "Show Chromium Apps Launcher" available for Windows which pins the App Launcher to the task bar.

Moreover, running mini_installer.exe --app-launcher --multi-install will add the App Launcher to the "Add/Remove Programs" section of Windows.

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This means we would get this thing in Chrome in the near future? 
Cool. So, the apps open in regular Chrome or independent like when you run them like apps from a desktop shortcut? 
it depends of your app. If it's a new packaged app, it has its own frameless window. Otherwise, it will open in a new chrome tab/window
Very cool I just loaded up the calculator app looks nice gives me something new to have on my Google App Menu :P The app menu function is in Chrome Dev just have to steal the icon from Chromium lol.
Hopefully they fix the crashing bug that's about my only complaint so far.
Fantastic, Chrome operating the same on Windows as it does on Chrome OS.
I wish there were more of these apps it would be great if there was one for Google Music.
Love it, Chrome-based Operating Environment for WinOS! 
It's pretty easy to imagine how the app launcher will work on Win, Linux, OSX, and ChromeOS. But does anyone know how this is it going to work (or what its going to look like) on Android or iOS ?

I guess it would be a great thing to have a canary channel for Chrome on Android. +François Beaufort feel like setting up nightly builds of this for us? :)
Chrome For Android is not public yet. It should arrive soon.
You mean Canary for Android shall arrive soon? or did I misinterpret your response.
Something I've wanted to see in the Chrome web store for Windows, Mac and Linux for a while is for the browser to become more seamless with the OS.

I honestly expected to see a folder that'd automatically add shortcuts to Chrome apps in the style of the games folder on Windows Vista/7 but this is good too.

What developers need most though is a seamless install process for users that don't already have Chrome, like maybe a Chrome framework that installs Chrome without the browser itself.
Great, Loved the feature.

Apps will now have meaning :)
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