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I'm sure you remember¹ you can create app folders by drag-and-drop when you enable the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-app-list-folder flag.

Unlike before though, we can also now drag easily an app out of its folder and reassign it to another one in the last Dev Update. It basically works as you would expect.

And if you've enabled the App Launcher Sync flag, app folders are also now synced. There are no reasons to not use them anymore and report feedback at


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Amazing, will there be an option to enforce custom App folders via Admin Console Chrome Management policy?
Finally, now if only they could be pinned.
This works great, it can be hard to put an app in a folder because they reposition themselves as you drag onto it. I would also like many more apps to be able to be put into a folder. Great improvement though.
Very elegant way of performing this task. I remember trying this feature a while back, but got stuck when I couldn't figure out how to remove items from the folder. One thing I would recommend would be to have it also jump back if an app icon is dragged over the back button.
I would also like a tick button at the top when you enter a folder, it's not clear that the back button will save your renaming changes.
Every time I restart my Chromebook the folders disappear, is there no way to save them?
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