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You can now encounter pterodactyls once you get past approximately 500 score in the Chrome Easter Egg T-Rex Game¹.

Whenever your internet is down, you should see a T-Rex. Click on it and you should be good to go! Press <Up> and <Down> to jump and duck various obstacles like cactus and pterodactyls.

I'm personally quite bad at this game -- I barely reach 700. 
What's your highest score?


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I hate these pterodactyls. They are the reason I will never reach my previous high scores and 1000 will be dream forever.
Wow, you can press up/down? I've only been pressing space.
There is my new score of magical 1234. Thank you, pterodactyls. You are really making it easier. 
why oh why dear Google would you give me a reason to want to turn off my internet :(
Great! Now you should add achievements and leaderboards, new enemies and levels, upgrades, new playable characters, some weapons, first person view, new modes to play and maybe a DLC or 2. Also it should sync with Google Play Games! Oh, wait!

My high scor is 2157. Is that a world record?
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