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The Chromoting Android App, that anyone can build from source¹, has been polished over the last months to the point where I enjoy playing with it.

Last nits that makes it better are for me the ton of useful gestures:
- Swipe gesture to move the mouse pointer in that direction
- Tap once to left click
- Tap and hold and then drag to perform the equivalent of click and drag
- Two finger pinch to zoom
- Two finger swipe to scroll
- Two finger tap to right click
- Three finger tap to middle click
- Three finger swipe up to reveal the virtual keyboard
- Three finger swipe down to reveal the tool bar


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Any idea when this will actually make it into the play store?  Would love to be able to start using this.  Sure I could compile.. :P
Does it work on Chrome OS? Does it use WebRTC?
Chromoting to an Ubuntu desktop, nice!  Will that ever be enabled in the CRD app in the webstore?
Can you share your terminal color scheme please? 
+Matthew Chartrand Words uttered by almost no one! Lol. No, it works on any platform that supports the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, iirc.

In any case, it will work on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
Would love to be able to use it on win 7 and chrome os
+François Beaufort the Linux host service you are referring to... is this the internal service Google uses to setup and manage connections... or were you referring to the ability to finally be able to remote into Linux systems without having to first make a remote assistance request?
The linux host service is the debian package you build and install on your machine that actually handles the stream.
I was meaning controlling a Windows computer from an Android device. :P
Matthew there is TeamViewer but it's kinda bad 
I'd love to be able to remote control an android device from another android or PC.  Hope that functionality will exist at some point.
+João Victor Schiavo I tried team viewer a few weeks ago and it didn't allow full remote control of a Nexus 7.  It has some basic functions available (like stat info), but not remote control.  Apparently teamviewer support is limited to certain devices and the Nexus 7 2013 isn't one of them.
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