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I'll never say it enough: Chrome Apps APIs are wonderful. And the best way to show it is by example. So today, here's Music Remote Controller, a simple Chrome App that takes advantage of the API, a module to store, retrieve, and track changes to user data.

As usual, I wanted to write as little code as possible and creating something useful in the mean time. In this case, this Chrome App lets you remotely control your own Play Music session.  

The sync logic is about 50 lines of JavaScript and easily understandable:
1. The remote (on computer #1) sends synced player commands
2. The player (on computer #2) handles them to a simple embed webview

Have a look at and read the official documentation at to learn more about it.

Music Remote Controller requires Chrome 29 minimum and is available now on the Chrome Web Store at
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An AndroidApp would be pretty darn awesome.
Definitely would love android to control my player on the chromebook.
Control from phone incoming then awesome, I wonder if the controller can be made into an aways open html5 notification
I like the Android app idea as well, but I would just be happy to have a smaller player controller so I wouldn't have to open my tab back up every time I wanted to change a song or thumbs up it. It would be cool to have actionable tabs in chrome, similar to the notification tray in Android. Also, there should be a thumbs up or thumbs down for the lock screen widget. (I may have gotten a bit off topic here...)
Please bring remote control for Android.
We are currently working on a Remote control app for Google Music (Android and IPhone). Most of the functionality will be available, such as playlists, search and queue management.
It will be ready in a few weeks :)
Any ETA on an API for getting access to hardware pause/pause/skip controls?
Hey +François Beaufort sorry I know this is a bit offtopic but I am wondering how I can send websites from Chrome on Desktop to chrome on phone? there is a feature in the beta build for chrome on android to enable it but I can't see where to send. The Chrome Extension (Chrome to Phone) is not working...
Jeez, if this had an Android app for the remote part, that'd be amazing!

...and maybe if Chrome natively supported media keys on Windows 8 that could control Play Music. That too would be awesome.
+François Beaufort I may be being a bit dumb here, but I have installed the app and cannot see what to do next - in what way is it Remote Control-ing anything..?
Do you have two computers with chrome >29 with sync enabled on both of them?
Yes - two Chromebooks. Both with the app installed.
I'm surprised Google music doesn't have something like this given Google's focus on device sync. Rdio has a remote mode for its service and it works great from app to browser. 
Awesome. Eager to see aforementioned Android Apps. More people need to do cool stuff with Chrome!
+François Beaufort Yes, both loaded. Machine 1: loads and I get Play Music is a smaller window. Machine 2: loads with a tiny play controller which does not do anything. Refresh 2: I go through auth and then get what was on machine 1.
Choose an album and play some music in Machine 1.
Then control it on Machine 2 remote.
Who knew you could control Play Music via a simple `javascript:SJBpost("playPause")`? Is there a dev doc on Play Music and is this an "API" that's likely to change?

This would make a very nice chrome extension: a button in the navbar, available from all tabs and with a bit more information (Song title, thumbs up/down). Maybe I'll have to dabble and make my very first Chrome extension.
Marche très bien. Corrige plusieurs défaut de la version html intégré dans le navigateur : 
- Ne freeze pas quand on ouvre de multiple onglet simultané
- Ne se ferme pas quand on redémarre le navigateur
A ajouter : 
- Prise en charge des commandes son du clavier (pause, piste suivante, ...)
- un bouton 'réduire'
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