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If like me, you enjoy understanding how work your Chrome device CPUs, you may want to take a look at the internal chrome://power page.

This page now features in the last Dev Update new graphs for each CPU:
- Frequency State Occupancy Percentage (cpufreq)
- Idle State Occupancy Percentage (cpuidle)

For info, cpufreq is a Linux driver that can change the clock speed of the CPU(s) on the fly in order to save battery power - the lower the clock speed is, the less power the CPU consumes.
In the other hand, cpuidle is a CPU power management infrastructure to manage idle CPUs in a clean and efficient manner.

And just for the fun of it, watch a 4K YouTube video and look at the graphs.

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Cool, I assume this is ChromeOS only? Would be great to see which processes are consuming energy similar to Activity Monitor in OS X 10.9.
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