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If you're using the new new tab page hidden behind the Instant Extended API flag in chrome://flags, you may have been sad to see that only 4 thumbnails of your most visited websites were shown.

Good news is that this behavior has been reevaluated and that the offline new new tab page renders now two rows of your Most Visited websites in the last chromium build.

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Lol it looks like the original new tab page from way back when!
Is there any way to get the "open on other devices" menu back on to this screen? It's a pain to have to go into my history page each time.
I use <Ctrl> + h to go to my history page in general (if it can help)
Why the search bar if i can just search from the omnibox?
I'm just struggling to understand any of this new look..  Why show a second search bar, why hide recent closed tabs or open on other devices? None of it makes any sense to me. 
Yes, it's very strange. I've noticed the option in the chrome menu for re-open a tab, but it re-open a tab for once click while the old button showing a LIST of closed tabs. Old button it's better. If Chrome can't change in the old button, at least show a list in the now-option in the chrome menu. (i've translated with Google Translate, I know that there are some errors).
Why is it I don't have this page but my dad does. We both are using windows 8 and chrome beta. Me sad.

Oh and regarding the search, my dad uses the Google search box and not the omnibox. Even before that he always went to Google first and then searched.
Since you go to Reader so often what will you do when it's discontinued, François?
That flag is very incompatible with Chrome OS Version 26.0.1410.57 (stable). Loop de loop.
The only thing I like about this layout is Vulpix, but it's so cute!
Please, how do I get this layout in chrome got windows?
Is there a way to get rid of all the webpage thumbnails and just have the search box, without having to use something like ANTP extension? 
me gustaron mucho estos nuevos cambios, busque por todos lados como volver activarlos ya que el ultimo beta los quito! excelente

I really liked these new changes, look around like activate again since the last beta them off! excellent
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