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How cool is that? The chromium team has just started to build a Chromoting Android app

Even though it doesn't do that much for the moment, it's definitely something I'm looking forward to try! In the mean time, you can always play with the Chrome Remote Desktop App at which lets you share your desktop screen.

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Ann Abi
This is great!
Chromoting is amazing. I'm hoping this goes both ways and allows access to an android device from my pixel. 
The chrome remote desktop is a feature I use daily. This is just awesome
Will you be able to control your phone through your desktop with this?
Most important direction for me is to control a computer from my phone (or, if I had one, tablet). Controlling an Android device remotely wouldn't suck, though. ;) 
Wow, this would change my life.
Aww man it just got real!
+François Beaufort is there no end to this awesomeness?!?!? This is gonna change so many old ways of working and make peoples lives so much more productive! Thank you for sharing!!
I'd like to echo +Marc Westermann's question. Is this the client for Chrome RDP or the server, or both?

Edit: Looks like a viewer only for now based on commits.
Finally, I'll be able to Chromote into my Cr-48 and make my Nexus 10 feel like a Chromebook tablet! Chromeblet?
+Alfonso Surroca The English language is growing portmanteaus by the minute.
Not having remote management/tutoring capability is the major thing keeping me from setting my elderly parents up with Android tablets.
If this will allow remote control of Android devices, this will be awesome!
+Artem Russakovskii  Thanks, I have tested it and it seems to be ok. Except for the requirement of rooting.
Ideally, a user would be able to go through routine upgrades without disrupting remote assistance-type services. Perhaps, that's too much to ask.
awesome absolutely awesome thanks for the heads up...
From my understanding, it just means that it will be possible to do some remote desktop connection from an Android device, through Chrome for Android, in order to control a Windows PC or a Mac remotely.

So, it will be useful for notebooks, nettops or boxes running Android.
I must admit I don't really understand why a lot of people want so badly to launch Android apps from a PC or a Mac. Most of them are built for touch screens. Can someone give me an example of an Android app that would be useful to launch from a PC?
+Yvan Philogène Not interested in running Android apps on PC. Interested in remote control of my Android device. To control audio playback, for example.
+Evan Remington I guess you'll have to wait a long time for this. I think we'll see Chrome Packaged Apps coming to Android before, and it will be much more easier to make Chrome apps communicate from one device to another. I think I saw a brilliant video demo from Francois Beaufort yesterday on that. It proves how powerful the Chrome platform is.
+Aung Aung Myo I've tried, unsuccessfully, to use remote media controllers available in the Play store. Do you have a suggestion?
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Would totally utilize this at/for work. And even at home. Please please, this would be really nice. I'll even beta test ;)
Another reason I'm glad I got a Chromebook a year ago and another reason not to buy Windows 8. 
I've been waiting for this feature ever since I started using Chrome Remote Desktop
I don't know if this is related but i read that in the future there might be a chrome phone and chrome tablet. How awesome would that be?
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Can't wait! 
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Can't wait! 
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Can't wait! 
Any progress on that? Would finally make sense of that damn hdmi port on the chromebook
When development is completed chtomoting?
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