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It is now possible to get OS integration of file associations for Chrome Apps in Chrome Canary for Mac.

All you need is to enable the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-apps-file-associations flag and restart your browser.
In the screenshot below, you can see the Text App¹ is now available to open any text file. And that's because this Chrome App defined the file_handlers² key  in its manifest.


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+Nikolay Suknyarov We did a lot of work to try and get this working on Windows, but we haven't got it yet. It's much harder on Windows because Windows thinks all Chrome apps are called "Google Chrome" and won't let us change the name or icon, or associate a file type with multiple Chrome apps at the same time. We're still working on it.
Thanks +Matt Giuca. I really love some of the Chrome apps out there (like Caret) and I hope that you will be able to overcome the problem. :)
Hmm....I enabled it in Canary for Mac but I'm not seeing the Chrome app options in Finder. Is there some other pre-req I might be missing?
Let me give that a try; I already had Text installed so maybe a new install will do the trick.... I'll report back in a few and thanks!
+François Beaufort No such luck at first but I made the mistake (I think) of trying to install Simple Text in Chrome, not Chrome Canary. I know the apps will sync, but I suspect the new apps must be installed in Canary for the file associations to work (which makes sense).

I then installed Caret in Canary and it does appear in my Finder file associations for a text file. My previously installed apps (Text and Simple Text) don't appear. So I'm closer. ;) 

Also of note, I use Chrome with 2 accounts at the same time (Gigaom is a Google Apps shop and of course, I have my personal Gmail account) so I wonder if that's also confusing things. Just thought to pass along in case that's worth the mention. Thanks!
Ooh. This was a feature request of mine! 
<shiver>.....WooHoo!</shiver>  there is several coding apps i prefer over local (when not on chromebook).. 

now i just need to find a solid audio editor with offline capability (got my mic, podcasting hoooo!!)
+Mark Dodsworth Yeah. Not sure where it fits into our priorities, but it should be a lot easier than on Windows.
I've been opening some files with "Text" and "Caret" for a while now, but it never was directly under the context menu.  I had to go to "Other..." then choose "[username] > Applications > Chrome Apps >".  I never tried it, but you can theoretically enable "Always Open With" from there.  It's really great to see it in the context menu, though!
Any news for Windows and Ubuntu about this feature?! :)
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