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I was really pleased to notice this morning that the Yandex Team was being added to the AUTHORS file of the Chromium Project next to big entities like Google, NVIDIA and Opera which also joined recently. See

Yandex Team has just signed a contributor's license agreement with Google and is now officially allowed to submit contributions to the Chromium project.

For information, a CLA allows an entity to submit Contributions to Google, to authorize Contributions submitted by its designated employees to Google, and to grant copyright and patent licenses thereto. Learn more about it at if your company is interested in participating to the Chromium Project.

And for people who wonder why, Yandex Team has launched a browser based on Chromium plainly called Yandex Browser. Go have a look at

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Meh I don't see the point of yet another browser I mean we have what 5 different Chromium based browsers on top of all the other browsers?
Ironically... they point me off to download Firefox (with Yandex search) for my operating system (Linux).
Yandex made really power browser for russian market with good features. Opera Turbo, AV, translater (by word. not by entire page like chrome).

This is second great build of Chromium after Chrome. They have 5% of russian marketshare at this moment.
+Timur Gaskarov Yes, but it's ironic that they're contributing to Blink but telling me to download Firefox (instead of Chrom[e/ium]). Or more over, that they have a search provider for Firefox but not Chromium
+Matthew Butler Chrome - main competitor for Yandex in Russia. Thats why)) Chrome goes with Google search. But Yandex - most popular search engine in Russia (60%)
Yandex is giving away a Lamborghini to a Yandex.Browser user in Turkey: (Turkish)

So I guess they do have big plans for the near future. 
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