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The formerly closed-source PDF code in Google Chrome is now officially the PDFium open source project, hosted on

By open-sourcing the Foxit’s PDF technology, the chromium team gives to developers a robust and reliable PDF library to view, search, print, and form fill PDF files. Therefore, if your next project is under the "New BSD License", I cannot recommend enough you go learn how simple it is to build¹ PDFium and see how Chrome uses² it internally.


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Can't it all be in one place? I'm going to forget about this.
Nick A
Nice. Hopefully the ability to zoom in/out of pdfs will return soon.
So the PDFium belongs to Foxit, or Chromium?
It's open source right? From the Foxit blog post above: 

According to Eugene Xiong, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Foxit, “Foxit is honored to be chosen as the PDF provider for the open-source PDFium project. Our high performance, highly accurate, and platform-independent software technology will help developers everywhere to incorporate powerful PDF technology when creating innovative applications.”
Am i the only one not to be able to open pdf in chrome 64bit?
Why doesn't Google just open-source Chrome so there won't be a difference!
+Kenny Stier' Google essentially did open source Chrome. The reason for the different names is quite important: anyone can modify and build Chromium, and that's the great benefit of open source, but it also carries a risk: you don't know what changes were made unless you trust the source or built it yourself. The official Google Chrome brand means it's an official Google build of the browser, so you know you can trust it if you trust Google.

The other differences are just for legal reasons, we can't include certain code (like Flash) in Chromium because we don't own it. As you can see by this announcement, we are committed to open-sourcing as much of Chrome as we can, and this is a big step in that direction.
Daylight on this code is fantastic news! It's such an obvious target for exploits ... I'm looking forward to plenty of fixes from the extra eyeballs. Maybe one day I can disable click to play for PDFs! :-)

That said I'm not sure why they didn't just ditch the code and replace it with: that would have cost nothing, is already open source, and is a way safer because there is zero native code.
Google is missing some opportunities with PDFs. I would gladly pay to have my very large PDF collection indexed fully (not just the first pages).
Does PDFium belongs to Foxit, or Chromium? At any rate I have been using to fill out my PDF's you can check it here beautiful service with 24/7 customer support so no question will be left unanswered. The software is free if you invite a couple of friends to try it out using this link
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