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Here's one trick to make high quality screenshots of Google Chrome OS:
Go to chrome://flags and enable "Force high DPI mode" flag.

As you can see, usability is kinda awful for existing Chromebooks but it might be good for HD TV or upcoming chromebook devices ;)
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They really need to update their icon resolution as well. :)
I also have a chromebook/ Which editor do you use to add pointer arrows and text to the screenshot and to crop an area on it?
My screen is "normal". It's because of the high resolution ;)
Maybe good for people that have poor eyesight but don't want inverted colors for high contrast.
"Upcoming chromebook devices" -- subtle :)
Francois seems like he's leaving subtle hints everywhere on upcoming features or products.... Not that I'm complaining. 
The presence of a HiDPI mode at all is the biggest proof of all that the Pixel (or something similar) exists. Google wouldn't go through all the trouble of baking touch and HiDPI into ChromeOS if it wasn't going to go into a shipping device.
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