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The Chromium OS Team seems to be experimenting with password-free screen unlock. Last Hint is the proposal of a new Chrome API called "chrome.screenlockPrivate" which aims to allow Chrome Apps to lock or unlock the screen on ChromeOS, monitor when the screen is locked or unlocked by other means, and show messages to the user if the app decides not to unlock the screen for some reason.

Best part of the proposal¹ are the Use Cases: 
A platform app may use the USB, NFC, and/or Bluetooth APIs to communicate with a secondary trusted device such as a phone, ring, watch, or badge, thereby allowing that trusted device to serve as an alternative form of authentication for the user.


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Lik the idea of secondary trusted device for unlock, gets round a finger print reader or pin code.
As cool as this sounds I would prefer a finger print scanner.
i would add one thing.. please say this phrase "<random phrase>" and do the voice thing.. something you know & something you have.. now add something you do... heck i've even read that even the way we hold our phones (micro twitches) is incredibly unique..
This may also tie in with CAC card support.
This is great! Can't wait to get it.
(Exactly why I love chromebooks, and MSFT can never understand)
+Kevin Tofel I hope it isn't too late to get this included in the GigaOM Chrome Show this week. If so, it may be worth mentioning next week - this is sure to start some great discussion if nothing else.
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