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It's now possible to select the capture devices (such as the microphone and the camera) in the Omnibox bubble when you're on a website that uses WebRTC technology.

Download last chromium build at and navigate to to give it a try.

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How do you guys do so many awesome things on daily basis? Are there super humans working in Google labs?
+Swapnil Bhartiya well there are thousands of people working on Chromium all over the internet since it's open source so if you can code you just make code and submit it and it gets reviewed and approved if it's good enough.
Awesome step in the right direction. Now let's have screen capture please! 
+Matthew Garbett yes I heard something before, but as I understand it, I can't use it on my Samsung ARM Chromebook, right? 
I'm not sure I would think it would work on any chrome Dev device.
+Matthew Garbett CTRL+window switcher works on all CB's I believe.  
And massive Thanks +François Beaufort, yet again, for awesome insights into ChromeOS. Im currently working in stores, in the UK, demoing the CB's and Nexus range and I always find something really amazing to show guests from these posts!!!! Thanks a mill
+Oliver Madden CTRL+window switcher does a screenshot yes. Waiting on a way to record (capture) the screen.
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