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By enabling the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-streamlined-hosted-apps flag in the last Chromium build, you can now easily create Chrome (Hosted) Apps from your favorite websites.

It is really simple, go to your favorite website, open the ≡ Chrome menu, select "Tools" and click on "Create app from this website...". Here you go! The Chrome App Launcher pops up with the brand new App you've just created with the shiniest favicon.

From there, the App will open by default in a new Window - you can still change it afterwards to open in a Tab if you prefer.

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Quick question. How to start the same app twice? This is possible in Chrome but can't find a way to do it in Chrome OS.
Seriously though, how is this different from a bookmark?
+Eric Anderson, hosted apps aren't different from bookmarks, but if you like accessing sites from the chrome launcher rather than the bookmark bar, it's helpful.
How is this different from Application Shortcuts that exist for like forever? 
This NEEDS to be released on Chrome soon!
Icon would probably depend if the website has touch icons available in different sizes. 
  <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/images/verge/apple-touch-icon.png" />

Their code has a high quality icon that Chrome can use. 
Still no clue how this is different from creating app shortcuts :( 
Version 31.0.1650.64 platform 4731.85.0 
Oops I'm not even on dev. Thanks!
Okay... so my Chrome menu doesn't have a Tools section... Anyone got any idea how I could have turned that off or where I can turn it back on?
No Mac, sadly :(. OSX Doesn't let you create a new Dock icon without launching a new .app bundle process, so separating the window from Chrome makes for a pretty poor experience.
+Eric Anderson +Steren Giannini the reason it is more than a bookmark for me is because you can tell it to open in a window without any address bar, navigation buttons, or tabs. which for sites like evernote and Google drive is a wonderful thing.
I still think that for the user, having "shortcuts" in apps folder in addition to the bookmarks feature is confusing. They may not understand that a bookmark goes to an URL and that a shortcut app is for the whole website.

If Google Drive or Evernote want to be displayed as apps without address bar, then they should either register an app in the Chrome store or be able to declare it in their page markup. But it is not to the user to decide if some website should be displayed as an app or not.
+Steren Giannini Why not? There are plenty of services out there that officially support one ecosystem while ignoring the others, in spite of the fact that they're making it harder for themselves by doing so. If we were to stick to the idea that they have to register somewhere before those services could be added to the app drawer then we'd never see some services supported. The ability for a user to add those themselves is a massive bonus for Chrome OS as it takes that out of the hands of the companies and gives it to the users.

Imagine all the grandmothers being given a Chrome OS machine who know that they go to the app drawer for most things they do, but have to remember to go to the bookmark bar for that one other thing they want to do. How confusing would that be for them as they advance in years? Meanwhile, their family members can set up this and have everything they use in one app drawer for them. That massive disturbance in the force that you're feeling is a billion old women crying out "Ooo, isn't that clever!" all at once.

As for being confusing for users, most people who use this assume you have to be online for most things. Those few that are able to get into flags and enable it are likely able to understand Chrome OS to the degree that they can manage this and explain it to others. 
+D'Angelo Henderson That's there but the option to save pages isn't. I think this may not have activated properly on mine. Damn sticky flags. 
+Bryan Lee It's a different flag now. Look for Bookmark Apps in your flags and you'll find it. 
+Mik Furie I'm on Chrome Canary v43.0.2357.2, and I can't find it in the flags... Only three flags with "bookmark" in them and none of them enable the streamlined apps :/
Is there any way to change the icon? I did it for WhatsApp and Facebook messenger but the 'app' I got was just a W and a M... it would be nice if I could use the official icons!
+Rafael Gonzalez That's a recent addition for some reason. It looks ugly as hell, and annoyingly replaced all the favicons for my bookmark apps even though they were synched. 
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