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Google Chrome Team is working on emphasizing Chrome Packaged Apps in the Chrome Apps Launcher.

In this Canary screenshot below, JSTorrent App, Chrome OS Wallpapers App and the Settings App get full size icons whereas the other apps are not as lucky ;)
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I noticed that myself recently and I like it.
Why not merge the chrome store inside the play store. 
+Rohan Blake two different platforms can mean two different audiences. Also, I'd hate to clutter the market space and shoehorn navigation for Chrome extensions and apps into navigation for movies, music, books, and Android apps.
+Kristian Serrano they sell chromebooks inside the playstore. They have the playstore linked inside the chromebook launcher. It makes sense to me merging them. to be the one stop shop for everything. Google now will be on chrome soon
Google said: 'I wanna be adore' like the The Stone Roses song.. lol
How do I add that gadget on my windows home screen that displays my apps like Chrome OS?
+Lane Greer You need Chrome Canary. type chrome://flags in the address bar. Search for Launcher and turn on that experimental feature. Restart. Viola!
Thanks for this post, just downloaded Canary & enabled the launcher
+Deion Rifkin sounds like a user error ... by that I mean the device didn't install something on it's own a human made a "choice" about what to install ... sound like you should do some reading up on technology basics.
Looks very clear to me. At one time, I thought GMail Offline was a packaged app. But now it makes me think it is a full hosted app. But still it works only in Chrome (not IE, Firefox, Opera...). Arg! I'm so lost! :D
I agree with the need to differentiate the two but I don't like this design. It makes hosted apps look like the lesser of the two.
+Yvan Philogène . The only reason it doesn't work in other browsers is because the other browsers aren't built according to HTML 5 protocols. When the other browsers catch up then we'll see offline capability for Google's platform.
+Lane Greer actually that's not true.

Other browsers have opted to support IndexedDB instead of the File System API and Google who supports both decided to use File System in their apps.
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