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Thanks to everyone who helped me this afternoon. I'd like to introduce a small web-app with only one purpose, ease the download process of Chromium browser.

Custom python download scripts are over. Let's embrace Chromium browser! Share with your friends that Chromium is now as easy as Google Chrome™ browser to download.

Check it out here:

For info, the "old" process is documented here:

PS: You now have no excuse to not test cool features in the last Chromium builds ;)

PPS: This web-app is obviously powered by the amazing Google App Engine

PPPS: And yes, I like lorem ipsum as it
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is it better than chrome beta or faster?
+Tarik Kharabsheh:
Chrome Canary autoupdates every 60 revisions (about once a day) and is currently only available for Windows and Mac.
By downloading Chromium via this web-app, you'll always have the latest revision at that moment for any platform.
+Erdis Driza:
I would not say it's better or faster. It will depend of the weather basically. Chromium builds are experimental and full of awesome features that could break the user experience sometimes and make it so wonderful at some point :)
Easter egg: If you hover the chromium logo before downloading you will see an hidden message appearing in lorem ipsum ;)
is it the same thing with hexxeh's version?
hexxeh's version is for Chromium OS.
This one is only for Chromium (the browser).
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