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Google Creative Lab released a new Chrome Experiment called Chrome Super Sync Sports.

This web application lets you sync your smartphone or tablet to your computer to play.
Pick a sport, connect your mobile device to your computer, choose from 50 athletes and if you're sitting with friends, invite up to three of them to join your race using their mobile device and your computer screen.

The most interesting part is the technologies used behind the scenes: WebSockets, HTML5 Audio, Canvas, CSS3, Google Web Fonts, Google Cloud Platform and Google App Engine

Go install it at or play with it directly at

Thanks +Timur Gaskarov!
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So Chrome will detect that an Android device is plugged in?

The implications of this are immense. How long until Chrome is just a natural part of Android - to sync or update your Android device, you use Chrome.

Chrome; the iTunes of Android.
Yo. P.
That was awesome, the link between desktop and mobile is no longer in existence they are indeed one device.
Now let's get a Super Sync Sports 2! (With contact sports ☺)
Wow. Google wants to get rid of the console all together and go straight to the web. Very interesting. Too bad Google TV's Chrome web browser is so far behind in versions. Hmmm.
This is awesome, no need for a touch screen Chromebook when we can pair our phones to the display.
Since I only have a chromebook with me right now, I opened a regular tab and an incognito tab. I also used Dev tools to emulate touch events and override my user agent ;) It works fine! the future, it should be possible to do an AirDroid-like thing...connect your phone to your Chromebook and it identifies it, then you can transfer videos, pictures etc over to it. Maybe you could even upload tracks to Google Play Music via that.

Btw, +François Beaufort, what phone do you have? :D
This game rallied my Chrome OS hating friends together and they played it on my Chromebook with their Nexus phones.  Fantastic!
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