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Rich templated notifications are now available through the new Notification Center in the last Windows chromium build available at

To see them in action, you need to toggle "Enable Rich Notifications" flag in chrome://flags
Screenshot below shows you how to create a notification within a chrome extension but this also works with regular HTML5 notifications.

As you probably guessed, this Notification Center will be the perfect hub for Google Now cards.

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You can always use wireshark, if you want it that badly/early.
You need to pass the Google Now URL to the switch to make it work. Wireshark is useless sadly ;(
I meant, in the context of analyzing the real Google-Now client traffic, and extracting info from that. The url and its parameters can be obtained with a little bit of hackery.
What's the difference with the notifications that Gmail uses?
Will these new notifications get implemented in other builds too? Like Linux for instance :).
+Joren Van Severen The code review site says the new notification system has a cross-platform component, so presumably it will indeed be implemented elsewhere, too.
I'll definitely be trying this or soon hopefully it all makes it out to chrome dev in a little but lots of great features lately!
+Matthew Garbett the flag is in the Chrome dev build already, but at this moment it just breaks the complete notification-system.
+August Bigelow I've just checked it in the Chromium build: normal notifications, like Gmails "you've got mail"-notification still work like they should in the new layout. The icon isn't displayed at this time.
I've also tested this on one of my own sites that uses notifications and I got the same results there.
It appears you've removed your start button, is that true?  How did you accomplish that?

I used Start Killer:

Also, for those who have enabled the App Drawer on Windows, you can use Windows Key + # (the number of the icon's position from the left) as a quick shortcut.  (Sorry new to me. ;)
Install and use Linux, start button will magically disappear :).
+Jeff Earls Sorry to disappoint you but I've just cropped the screenshot. That's all. Start button is still there ;)
That is Windows 7 though...  And yeah, check out Start Killer if you want to transform Windows into fake ChromeOS. ;)
If you make it work with Now Cards, please let it only show them when logged into G+/Gmail/other G-products and not when you are only signed in your browser with the same gmail. Because I really like the idea of those notifications, but since I usually work on a shared pc I can't log into Chrome, but I can log in and out of gmail/g+/etc everytime.

ANYWAY: Can't wait to see this thing popping up on my screen! GJ!
+Dell E Thank you very much for sharing that! Now I can't wait for Now cards (and others) to start popping up for me.
+Dell E so wait do gmail notifications appear in the notification center already? What about Google+ and other Google products?
Yes, Gmail notifications appear in the notification center - assuming you have enabled desktop notifications in Gmail.

It is a public API that all websites can access and use.  There are notification center settings that allow you to manage which sites have permissions to use the notification center.

Bizarrely, it appears that Google+ currently does NOT support desktop notifications.
Dell is right though, even Gmail seems to be broken right now on the latest Dev.  But it was definitely working previously.
is the new notification center being utilized by google+ or gmail if you enable the settings in chrome://flags? 
Man that seems like forever! Can't wait till it gets on here though.
I have seen notifications from Chat for Google extension not Gmail but I don't get a lot of emails to test it.
+François Beaufort So I get blank notifications in the Notification Center. I think they are from the Facebook Notifications app. Are the individual App/extension developers suppose to update their code or do you think the Notification Center will just translate everything over once it's working correctly?
+Dell E Same here, annoying. A good week later, still doing it.
Latest Chrome for Windows update (v: 25.0.1364.172 m) has Enable Rich Notifications option in chrome://flags !
question. I enabled the rich notifications in the Flags window, but I don't see the notifcation center in my system tray in Windows. Is there something else I need to do?
I have the same question as Fred Seaman. I can't see any notification center in my Windows 7 system tray after enabling the rich notification.
It works well. it's really a great feature!!
The pop up one worked and I can see the notification center in the tray, but I tried sending myself an email and it didn't work.
We need a better Linux support, appereantly.
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