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Google Chrome Team just dumped Chrome Apps Codelab documentation into the official Chrome Documentation website at

You can have a look now if you're eager to know how to create a Chrome App from A to Z.
Through 10 short code sessions, you'll learn about how Chrome Apps work and at the end you'll get your own TODO Chrome App.

And if you feel helping make Chrome Apps better, please send me them some feedback, Chrome Apps are still in developer preview.

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Can't say much about the documentation but the illustration is swell
Another wiki that doesn't work on Chrome OS! Windows Mac or Linux required
A friendly warning: this is a work in progress. Although we have already used this codelab on three external events, please be aware that we are still working to make it better (and that's why it is not yet reachable from the side navigation menu).

Thanks to +Paul Kinlan and +Meggin Kearney for the team work on writing this.
Just to add, we are very keen to explore the best practices for testing your apps
It's impossible to easily create a chrome app with chrome OS. You need Linux Windows or OSX
+Emanuele T its not impossible at all, we had three developers at a chrome hackathon do it.... However I will agree it is not easy
Thanks!  The documentation (even if it is a work in progress) looks excellent!  It certainly gives a good heads up on the extra capabilities that a packaged application has and I shall certainly be devouring it for ideas.

I'm sure the timing of this announcement isn't a co-incidence with the Pixel being announced :-)
"The ability to interact with network and hardware devices!"  Does this mean that Chrome OS will be able to access files and perhaps stream media from a storage location on the user's local network through the use of a Chrome App?  That would be awesome!!
Oh you Googlers and your secret sauce.
IDE for developing android or chrome applications is the most missed feature on chrome OS
this is cool but the picture are missing.
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