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François Beaufort

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Yossi Eynav has built a ReactJS web app that reads heart rate measurement and made it available at
ble-heart-rate-demo - Web Bluetooth - heart rate monitor demo
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François Beaufort

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Best read of my day!
I published a 30 minutes read on the redesign of Chrome desktop core UI ->

Talking process, technical details, public and internal reaction as well as lesson learned.

Hopefully a good closing commentary on a two years long project, also marking the end of my 5 years long involvement in the design of the Chrome browser.

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François Beaufort

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As part of the project Eraser initiative, the Chrome team has removed the Text Encoding menu in the latest Dev Update which allowed you to override the detected encoding.

If you feel like you really need it though, a Chrome Extension will be the way going forward. See for instance a Proof of Concept at

For information, Project Eraser is an effort to simplify Chrome by unlaunching features and code-paths that no longer provide enough value to justify their complexity either in the code or in the UI.


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Less is more
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François Beaufort

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Latest Chrome OS Dev update allows us to see a local folder's size when pressing <Space> if a folder is selected in the Files App.

For info, an upcoming "Get Info" context menu will be added soon. 

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Is it free!
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François Beaufort

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+Sam Zagrobelny has written a web app to talk to the popular bleno example program called BLE Pizza Service.

Check out instructions at to get started. All you need from the peripheral side is bleno, the Node.js module for implementing BLE peripherals.

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François Beaufort

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The chromium team is currently adding Material Design to the Page Info bubble which shows how secure is your connection with the website and which permissions are granted.

There is no flag needed for now for to you to follow work in progress in Chrome Canary.

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François Beaufort

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Here's a simple demo using the BBC micro:bit device featuring Physical Web and Web Bluetooth:
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François Beaufort

Discussion  - 
In case you had a doubt, yes we can find aubergines 🍆 in Web Bluetooth chooser.

Make sure there is a nearby Bluetooth device whose advertised name is 🍆 and go to
Obviously it works for any unicode characters ;)

Bonus: What is 🌏💧✋🕋🗡🚀🏜☀️🌡🌶💯🚱⏳🌅🌑😡💉😱😈💀💥🌛🌙🐭💥🚶🏻〰🐛️⌛️👳🙏💥😴🛌😳💥🐛💥👊⚔👑?

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François Beaufort

Discussion  - 
Recording of the Web Bluetooth Community Group meeting at TPAC September 2016 is now available at

And here are the meeting notes captured by +Vincent Scheib:

- TPAC room
- Anssi (Intel)
- Kenneth Rohde Christiansen (Intel)
- Zoltan Kis (Intel)
- Tomoyuki Shimizu (KDDI Japanese mobile network operator)
- [interested in how smartphones and devices can be connected]
- Rijubrata Bhaumik (NFC & Generic Sensors API)
- ? (Toshiba)
- [Highspeed NFC]
- ?
- Dominique Hazael Massieux - W3C Staff, WebRTC, Device & Sensors group
- Tobie Langel (Intel)
- Jeffrey Yasskin (Google) Web Bluetooth Spec editor
- Vincent Scheib (Google)
- Giovanni Ortuño (Google)
- François Beaufort (Google) [Developer Relations]
- Stanley (Malaysian government)
- Julien Racle (Logitech)

Implementation Status & Plans:

Only Google implementers present.

Web Bluetooth publishes implementation status here:
Chrome implementation reviewed, notably lacking iOS & Windows support.
Servo has many JS components implemented
Servo is bringing up platform implementations
Firefox had a start but stopped, as far as we can tell because of lack of staffing.
Other vendors have no activity that we are aware of.

Julien: Concern raised regarding WebKit implementation being started, and lack of support in long term in Safari if not started.
Group discussed, Apple would also need to approve and adopt the feature but, yes it would need to have implementation in WebKit and no group is working on that now.

Additional implementations would help the specification process. Further through the process at least 2 implementations will be required. Servo's implementation would be unlikely to be sufficient for this, clearly in for market needs, but also in W3C process.

Reviewing issues: Milestone:"Initial GATT Communication":

Reviewing issues: Milestone:"Complete GATT Communication":

Discussing Spec changes:
We should be strongly encouraging origin trial members to join the public web-bluetooth list
so that as specification changes are being announced and discussed we have input from developers

Entering working group:

Could create a working group, but that isn't a preferred option.
Could attempt to join HFC, USB, Bluetooth.
Being added to existing WG Web Platform would provide much more exposure, if able to make the entry cost of being added to an already large charter.
Device group would be easier because there is a clear overlap with the scope of the group.

NFC is seeking another browser vendor to be invested before entering a working group
jyasskin notes that waiting for another implementation to be invested seems good
Anssi notes that some implementations may not start until a spec is in standards track.
One motivation to move to a WG sooner is a requirement for minimal time for implementation process time. dom guessting 150 days.

Some discussion on testing:
scheib: how have other device specs tested?
Anssi: vibration, the human notices the effect

Another note: Chrome only implements a subset of the entire specification. Anssi recommends flagging the portion of the spec not implemented, e.g. so that following implementations can see that there is less work to follow.

Tobie Langel arrives, to have coffee with jyasskin ;), ask about permissions:

In sensors, thinking over how to handle permissions for things which are very similar
do we try to group them?
Could we do permissions with an object, instead of a string?

Web apps sec will discuss permissions later this week at TPAC
TPAC meeting is over. Recording available here: and notes above I'll summarize and see published to email list.

Recording stops at 1:43:30
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François Beaufort

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It is Chrome Tip Day Today!

In the latest Dev Update, you can simply switch between Fit To Page and Fit To Width by pressing <Ctrl> + \ for PDF files.


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+William Greene Agree, often Chrome team concentrate on some small fancy and almost useless features instead of fixing real problem. Pdf viewer performance just one of it.
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François Beaufort

Discussion  - 
Bluetooth device connection and paired status is about to be added to the chooser so that it's easier to select the device you really want in a crowded environment.

You can already try in the latest chromium build for Mac at

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R Dec
+François Beaufort ok, thank you. 
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François Beaufort

Discussion  - 
I'm not the one saying it, +Uri Shaked is:

It is prime time for Web Bluetooth. The standard is maturing, toolsets and APIs are popping up, and most exciting of all: Chrome 53 was released this week!

Chrome 53 has an Origin Trial for Bluetooth, which means that websites can opt-in to use this feature and automatically enable Web Bluetooth for all their visitors. It is the first time such technology enabling IoT directly from the web is deployed in the wild.

If you’re into IoT and the Web, or like playing with cutting edge, user-facing tech, you should check out Web Bluetooth
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