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Whoever came up with the concept of adult hockey league games being at 10pm+ needs to be shot. #gettingold

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Finished our mud run team's shirts at like 3am today and ordered them with rush shipping. Here's hoping they arrive before our zombie mud run on Saturday!

I'm pretty proud of them all things considered, since I took it from concept to execution in a single night while learning to use paths for the first time (all graphics are vector on both sides).

What has two thumbs and loves to procrastinate?

p.s. - I know the brackets don't line up horizontally on the back. They were the last thing I added and I noticed that I failed to create a guide for those right after I clicked the order button on the site :(
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So overall it was a pretty decent holiday weekend. I got to spend some time drinking and relaxing, listening to some bands. I got to spend time doing absolutely nothing, and then the downside was spending the ENTIRE FREAKING DAY on Memorial Day repainting the kitchen/dining room in its entirety (removing furniture, pictures, shelves. scraping, spackling, sanding, wiping, painting, painting more, painting even freaking more!).

But hands down the best part of the weekend was introducing my wife to Alien on Friday night (2003 director's cut) and Aliens on Sunday night (original theatrical release, don't like the added scenes on this one). She's not normally the sci-fi/horror type, though she does enjoy action movies, so I wasn't sure how she'd take it. The highlight of the weekend was the build-up to Dallas' vent scene, which caused her to shriek/jump so loud, I'm surprised the neighbors didn't think I was killing her.

Even though she was pretty stressed out throughout, she came out really liking the movies and has a pretty strong interest in the Alien universe now. We both agreed that they should one day make another sequel... and thought it was weird that they hadn't, yet.

Now it's just the painful countdown to Prometheus reviews/release on the 8th!

Does not a single damn retail store carry the Alien Anthology on Blu-ray? I finally get the OK from the wife that I can introduce her properly to Alien and Aliens (before Prometheus in a couple short weeks), and every single major chain seems to only have it online. Neither do Redbox or Blockbuster kiosks.

[remotes into home machine, starts torrents]

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+Alex Bunting SLEDGE!

3 hours of sleep, followed by 4 hours of Diablo 3. Now I find myself sitting here at work like one of the many zombies I dispatched last night, dreaming of playing more. #Diablo3

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The Milton-Hershey School (Hershey Company) has denied enrollment to a 13-year old boy due to him being HIV positive. Raise awareness for this so Hersheys and others realize discriminating against those with the disease is not acceptable.

iPhone 4S finally jailbroken. Thank god for persistent developers :)

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unF! This game is going to cost me so much time and money (new PC build on the way) it's not funny... but it will be FUN!
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