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Hi All, Excellent session tonight. Good to see our latest beginners coming back and learning more with us. Already showing what they learnt from last week, great effort! All martial arts need commitment and has for only aim to make you better than you…

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oh yeah!
Lots of news! Regionals, Mats and more.

Great sessions yesterday with three novices, we hope they enjoyed their session!!!

As discussed at the last session, lots of good news:

REGIONALS: 14March, Penrith Jitsu Club, 12:00-15:00, less than $12 fee. It is going to be awesome! Opportunity to be taught by the great instructors of the region, meet new people and then enjoy the post-session with beer (or juice) and snacks. Be there!
MATS: Rodney-sensei from Western Warriors Martial Arts has a dozen of judo mats to lend us. This means that we will be able to expand the throwing area but also be safer with those high quality mats. We need you to come at the Regionals to help us pick the mats from Penrith and store them in the dojo. Please let Franck know whether you intend to help.
EXTRA SESSION: Franck is working on getting an extra session one evening a week at an earlier time for more Jitsu goodness, details to be confirmed!

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Sensei Jason Club Visit, first of 2015!

Sensei Jason will be visiting us Monday 23rd of February.

Be sure to be here for some Jitsu Awesomeness!

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Jitsu sessions move… to Mondays!

Hi Everyone,

As I said many times I would like to move the Jitsu session from Thursdays to another day. Tuesday was the first candidate until I remember a regular work commitment which would have stopped me to teach too many times.

So instead we move the sessions to Mondays! 

No better way to start the week and make you like Mondays than Jitsu love! 

 The change is effective now. First Monday session will be Monday 12th of January 2015. 

 Have a great weekend and see you Monday! 

 Be a better, do Jitsu.. on Mondays!

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Already got one!

The new Jitsu Australia Badges have arrived!!!

You can now show on your gi your belonging of our very cool group of Jitsukas. 

The badges cost $10 each, to be sewed on your right gi sleeve.

I’ll bring them tomorrow, ask me about it if I do not mention them. 

For our friends from Penrith, I will come train in 2 weeks and give a batch to Sensei Doug. 

Be a better you, do Jitsu! (and buy a badge)

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Can't wait for the new session!
Happy new year – training resumes!

Hi everyone,

We wish you an happy new year 2015. We hope this year will be a great one and nothing better to help than resuming training and burn all this fat you ate during the holiday period!

Training will resume this Thursday 8th of January, 8pm, L4/36 York Street. 

As mentioned to many of you we will move the sessions to Tuesdays from Tuesday 13th of January and onward. Same time, same place. 

I am sure many of your friends took the resolution to do more sport, meet more people and/or start a martial art, help them accomplishing it by inviting them to Jitsu, two offers are available: 
– one free session, let them try and they can sign up later 
– $50 for 3 sessions + annual membership: make them enjoy 50% discount and get a free session for yourself! 

Also this year we will have our first Jitsu regional event, around March, date to be confirmed. Monthly senior sessions (purple and above) will start soon and we have a few surprises for you, we’ll let you know once it’s confirmed! 

Happy new year!

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Promotional material | Sydney Jitsu Club

We got some business cards so we have some marketing material. Simple homemade design until we spend more time with our usual designer.

Everyone will get some of those to distribute to friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers!

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1 click!

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The new logo for the Australia region!
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