+Android Police before I start my post let me tell you that I respect your opinion, the post writer's opinion and that my post is not personal, so don't take it like that.

Now with the disclaimer taken care of... this http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/06/27/editorial-the-revolution-that-wasnt-the-google-play-edition-galaxy-s4-and-htc-one-are-missing-the-point/ post is utter bullshit. I simply HATE this kind of mentality. So we complain for years and years that we don't want more OEM skins, we ask the OEM's to release their devices without bloat and with stock Android... now that they deliver it you complain. You as in you Android Police, and you as in all the Android users and other online publications that fail to see the real deal about this devices. This is simple:

1 - This is running the Nexus Experience. Nobody ever ever ever said these were Nexuses, therefore why were you expecting Google to update them themselves? They are just running stock Android, and thats it. Be grateful that if you buy one of these devices you'll have timely updates without the carrier approval bullshit always running the latest and greatest after the Nexus devices do, but before any of the others do.

2 - Who gives a crap if there is no HTC or Samsung functionalities here? Nobody does. If you do give a crap you buy the OEM skinned shit version. Why is this so hard to understand? This is the Nexus Experience, there is no bloatware, no bullshit, no buzzwords. Nobody cares if its not running the HTC camera app, nobody gives a shit if its not running all that S-Crap or AirView or whatever the hell that is. This is Stock Nexus Experience, deal with it.

3 - "AMG NO AOSP SUPPORTZ". Sigh... Again this is not a Nexus, this is an OEM device with Stock Android. Google is not in charge of these devices HTC and Samsung are, they have the power to choose if they release their binaries or not, or even the Factory Images. The only thing that they are obligated to release are the Kernel sources, which they already did. You guys just want the AOSP code so that you can port them over to the respective OEM'ed SGS4 and HTC ONE. Do you really think Samsung and HTC want that? Kinda obvious. Whats the problem of not having Factory Images? Just unlock it, root it, install a custom recovery, backup everything, save it to your Dropbox/Drive. Done. Also locking and unlocking the bootloader resets everything to factory state.

Lets stop crying about something that is being delivered EXACTLY as intended and lets all be grateful that Google is doing this MAJOR effort to provide us all with Stock Android Experience in these fabulous devices. If I didn't have a Nexus 4 I sure would buy one of these.

Be grateful, stop complaining.

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