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+Android Police before I start my post let me tell you that I respect your opinion, the post writer's opinion and that my post is not personal, so don't take it like that.

Now with the disclaimer taken care of... this post is utter bullshit. I simply HATE this kind of mentality. So we complain for years and years that we don't want more OEM skins, we ask the OEM's to release their devices without bloat and with stock Android... now that they deliver it you complain. You as in you Android Police, and you as in all the Android users and other online publications that fail to see the real deal about this devices. This is simple:

1 - This is running the Nexus Experience. Nobody ever ever ever said these were Nexuses, therefore why were you expecting Google to update them themselves? They are just running stock Android, and thats it. Be grateful that if you buy one of these devices you'll have timely updates without the carrier approval bullshit always running the latest and greatest after the Nexus devices do, but before any of the others do.

2 - Who gives a crap if there is no HTC or Samsung functionalities here? Nobody does. If you do give a crap you buy the OEM skinned shit version. Why is this so hard to understand? This is the Nexus Experience, there is no bloatware, no bullshit, no buzzwords. Nobody cares if its not running the HTC camera app, nobody gives a shit if its not running all that S-Crap or AirView or whatever the hell that is. This is Stock Nexus Experience, deal with it.

3 - "AMG NO AOSP SUPPORTZ". Sigh... Again this is not a Nexus, this is an OEM device with Stock Android. Google is not in charge of these devices HTC and Samsung are, they have the power to choose if they release their binaries or not, or even the Factory Images. The only thing that they are obligated to release are the Kernel sources, which they already did. You guys just want the AOSP code so that you can port them over to the respective OEM'ed SGS4 and HTC ONE. Do you really think Samsung and HTC want that? Kinda obvious. Whats the problem of not having Factory Images? Just unlock it, root it, install a custom recovery, backup everything, save it to your Dropbox/Drive. Done. Also locking and unlocking the bootloader resets everything to factory state.

Lets stop crying about something that is being delivered EXACTLY as intended and lets all be grateful that Google is doing this MAJOR effort to provide us all with Stock Android Experience in these fabulous devices. If I didn't have a Nexus 4 I sure would buy one of these.

Be grateful, stop complaining.

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Agree. I ordered my One GE yesterday. Hopefully the manufacturers support it well. If not, I'll buy a new Nexus in October/November, but I felt I should support this idea so we get more stock android devices.
Do these people really expect HTC and Samsung to completely turn over their hardware to Google?
Sometimes I feel like the people writing these tech articles are just posting rubbish and misinforming people.
1. wrong they're not running stock android. at least the HTC One is running a desensed Sense Rom which has the Sense framework in it.
2. there are adjustments like Beats Audio is in there as well is the toggle for it

But as a whole you're completely right first moaning that people want a stock experience and they got one it's still bad
I completely agree. The users received a concession . we were obliged now we have a bunch of ignorant people spouting off because their butt wasn't wiped "perfect" . I see this can't be appreciative attitude as no help to users finding the ideal experiences...Just noise
Blows my mind how someone can be upset about this. 
+Patrick Hiltner
1 - Lol wut?
2 - BeatsAudio is just a equalizer, same as you open Android EQ and select Rock, but with a different adjustment and name. 
+Francisco Franco  yeah all framework files of Sense are in there! and the whole thing is 450mb huge. 

This is a negative point for everybody who wants a One GE cause the update of the GE will take a lot longer then for a Nexus
get this, the rom as been ported and it boots with a SENSE kernel.  BAH.  It's faster than sense, but dammit I wanted first and formost the firmware from the GE phone to be the building block for perfect AOKP or other AOSP builds, but NOPE.  Not happening. I've been duped yet again by HTC (and Google)
+Gunny Wallen Nobody ever promised or even hinted at providing factory images or especially binaries for these new phones. You should not have expected it.
+Francisco Franco I'm completely with you. 

People need to stop making news up and then complaining about it. A couple hours after the announcement of stock Galaxy S4, people started calling it Nexus S4 or something like that. And I was thinking, wtf. People making news.

Another interesting point is this. I'm not sure if you've read this article by AP:

It's a great article. Unfortunately even folks at AP don't follow it.
Francisco is full of win today.
People's reaction to Google Experience devices: "I want to have my pie and eat it"
Do you want a "Nexus"? There are three of them.
Do you want a performing device with an unskinned Android? Now there are two of them.
Do you want a flagship device? HTC One, Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus Pro etc etc.
Of course, the Google Experience doesn't use the full potential of all the sensors. Why the fuck should it? Google had no say in the hardware choice and the vendor didn't have any either in the features which were to be included in the 4.2 iteration of Android.
People complaining are the ones that never intend to buy these phones.
+Eric Cochran Well Google gave the impression, before the release that updates would come from them. I assumed, yes my own fault, that firmware would be up on the nexus site.  I'm disappointed. 
Very well put. Everybody wins 
Sure wish I could get one... But I'm such on Verizon :'(
Francisco hit it right on the nail
+jeremy collins They are pretty cheap for what they offer. Way cheaper than buying a subsidised device. Its also sim unlocked so the re-sale price will be higher if you wish to re sell someday. For example the One in Portugal is 779 euros unlocked. This One Google Edition is 600 dollars. 600 dollars equals around 450 euros.
+Francisco Franco People will always find something to complain about. It's like a cop going into a doughnut shop and complaining that there's too many choices of doughnuts. 
100% agree. I have owned the HTC One since launch day and am now running the ported GE rom that was released today. This is better than xmas to me. The best phone in the world running and official stable build of vanilla. A great day for android!
These devices are for people that don't want to void carrier warranties. These devices are for people that want a true, untainted Android experience that don't have to know-how to run a custom ROM. Or more importantly, these devices are for people that don't want to deal with buggy nightly builds for 6 months or more. They just want their phones to work with AOSP, plain and simple. They don't want to have to make sacrifices like "hey I have <insert any AOSP ROM here> on my phone, let me show you...oops camera force closed".

Additionally, when it boils down to it, us Android enthusiasts are never happy. If we were playing golf and got a hole in one, we'd bitch that the ball went in on the left side of the cup and we were hoping it went it on the right side.
+Derek Ross We wish the ball went in in the middle because that would have been a perfect shot ;-) 
That article is hilarious. Honestly, how does the writer say "its the stock android experience" and lines later complain that HTC Camera isn't there. smh
I like the idea of a high end phone running stock android, but I don't trust Samsung or HTC to deliver quick updates and to keep updating them like Nexus devices, after all they were the "founding members" of the team that promised quick updates and 18 months updates for devices after launch
Google I/O: Google encouraging 18 month Android updates
Do you really think they will stop updating the HTC One and S4 after a while like they do with all their devices and still update the Google Play Edition phones even if the hardware allows?
At first, when I first heard that Google wouldn't be providing the OTA updates, I wasn't too keen on the idea. After thinking about it for a while and reading a few more articles and opinions, I actually have to agree 100% with the OP. 

We asked for stock/pure Android on non-Nexus devices for years and they finally delivered. I'd probably buy an S4 GE if it was available to us Aussies but unfortunately they aren't at the moment. 

The best thing, and probably the most important thing is that the carriers are being excluded from the update path. This is IMO a pretty big step forward for Android as a whole. Finally same big name manufactures getting behind the stock Android experience that the carriers can't touch. When one phone gets updated, all of them get updated, regardless of what carrier you are with. There is no more waiting on carriers to pull their shit together and release updates.

Maybe you could look at this as kind of like a trial. Depending on how well the devices sell, we might be seeing stock Android on many more devices in the future and perhaps eventually Google will be proving the OTA updates - the manufacturers just provide the hardware. Who knows!

When you consider the amount of money Samsung, HTC, Sony and others must spend on developing their own software, if the pure Android phones sell well and/or make them more money, it wouldn't make sense to continue developing TouchWiz/Sense, etc. 

My $0.02 anyway. JUst throwing some ideas/thoughts out there. This could be the beginning of something really big for Android. 
Yo... This post made me cry man... A Well fuckin written post. 
Yes you sound a bit like me keep it up keep on Rocking
Lol sounds personal to me Franco! Lol! Although I very much agree with you! People are never satisfied! All you have to do is go to xda to witness this in action every day!
If you're lucky enough to be able to use a GE phone on your carrier and you can afford it, then the things you DON'T like about it, change. I would rather start from stock and build a phone I love than start with bloatware and try to modify it to something decent.
+Francisco Franco Exactly. Why should Google be the one maintaining these devices. The situation looks fine now with 2 Nexus and 2 GE devices. Next year same time there will be 3 Nexus and maybe 4 GE (Possibly more if Sony does the same) devices. Google will have to spend a lot of manpower and get nothing in return.
It's the same attitude as with gamers. Whine and complain for a feature, get said feature, then complain about how it changed the game.

Honestly, I'd bet HTC and Samsung were prepared for the whiners. Companies that large deal with these kinds of people all the time. I can't see the complaints of a few affecting this next step in the evolution of our devices.

BTW: I went from a S2 to a Nexus 4. It's a thing of beauty.
I felt exactly the same way when I glanced through the article. Didn't expect AP to come up with such a pointless article.

I'm realllllly considering getting the HTC phone.  I'm still waiting for my VZW contract to drop out first.
I don't understand why people say that these awesome devices are expensive, I paid 400 euro for the nexus 4 and I had to drive 300 km and I still think it was a good buy :) 
Tienes toda la razón, el Eric ese que se autoproclama "snarky technophile with taste for the unusual" no es mas que un pobre ignorante de lengua larga...
muchas gracias por tus buenos artículos y sobre todo por tus kernel

Yes I've been commenting this thought everywhere. It's what always wanted and more suddenly people are complaining. People still have the choice of skinned devices.
Androidpolice getting owned by franco
Completely agreed with this. This move is a kick ass move from Google, and I simply cannot see this other than positively. I hope other manufacturers join in and offer these choices. Because, after all, that is what we get here, MORE CHOICES!
Of course some people care if there is no HTC or Samsung camera on the Google edition phones, otherwise nobody would complain! Also that is as much a criticism of HTC and Samsung as it is of Google for having an inferior camera in stock Android.
Also, couldn't HTC and Samsung make those apps available to the Google edition versions of their phones through Google Play?
What can't we have the best of both worlds?
+Angel Ezquerra there are PLENTY of camera apps out there already. Check out Camera Zoom FX if you want a full featured camera with all sorts of widgets. While I've heard that the stock camera isn't taking pictures as good as the HTC flavor app, it's not a deal breaker for me. 
+Francisco Franco the problem with Beats being included is neither on nor off is flat. Beats "off" kills bass and treble so that Beats on sounds more impressive, meaning you can have either no bass or too much. Flat isn't an option.

Beats is bad and HTC should feel bad.
+Graham Merrill I have used Camera Zoom FX in the past. I don't think it's nearly as good as HTC's camera app. I also find that HTC's "zoe" format (which takes 20 pictures along with a full HD 3 second video when you take a picture) is fantastic. I hope this became a standard android feature.
HTC's gallery app ifs also very cool. The way it automatically creates "summary" videos is just great.
I think HTC (and Samsung) should release these apps on Google play, even if they only allowed them on their own phones. Then purchasing the Google edition versions of these phones would be a no brainer. You could get the best of both worlds.
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