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Good morning everyone.

Today I'm here to thank FiiO that kindly sent me an USB DAC to give me the opportunity to try and get it to work with the Galaxy Nexus.


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Listen to better sound, been testing it on my mac for the last hour and it sounds so much better than the internal soundcard.
if i see a review of this stuff from you, il assume you got paid off and are selling out ;)
Decisions, decisions... I've been the market for another DAC for a while. Looks like the E17 will be out in April and that supports 24/192khz. I wonder how similar the code base will be to get them both supported via the Nexus.
How does an external compare to fancy audio drivers?
Ba Dan
A higher dimensions music!

Impressions of a guy upgrading his PC rig
PC > PC sound card Creative XFI Xtreme Music (i.e. not a stock PC card!) > headphone Audio-Technica ATH-AD700
PC > USB DAC/amp FiiO E17 > headphone Audio- Technica ATH-AD700:

"Anyway, I got on to a lot of forums and found HeadFi (Yes, say goodbye to your wallet!). Never fully understood the world of Dac's and Amp's I started my research!

I searched the forum's and felt there was a few people in the same position as me who were feeling unsure about an alternative to PC sound card's, so I decide to the plunge!

Yes I could have grabbed an Asus ST/STX or Creative Tit HD but I wanted to go a different direction, so I went with the Fiio E17.

Conclusion: Done the whole unboxing and setup that everyone has probably seen, plugged her in to the computer and ran it through her paces!

I listen to various music from Classical, Rock, Pop, electronic, using mainly FLAC files.

Sound quality compared to the Xtreme Music was overall a big improvement!

The sound was full and warm! I immediately felt like I was listening to (what I describe as) a high end Hifi system!

It's very reassuring as I come from a Creative product to something totally different as in the Fiio and be in awe about what I'm hearing.

The Fiio sounds like a professional athlete compared to say an amateur running a marathon, well paced full of energy and doing what it loves doing, where as the Creative was more like a weekend warrior!"

About external USB DAC/Amp

A digital audio system is composed of:

. A storage module: Music is stored in file as a series of bits 0 & 1 with different encoding formats (MP3, WAV, FLAC…).
. A player: The player decodes the bits 0 & 1 to PCM digital audio signals.
. A DAC (Digital to Analog Converter): The DAC converts the PCM digital audio signals to the original analog audio signals.
. An amplifier: The amplifier amplifies the analog audio signals.
. A speaker: The speaker restitutes the music.

Like a PC or a Mac, an Android phone is a digital audio system.

Hopefully, an Android phone running on a kernel with a USB audio driver, like a PC or a Mac, can output the PCM digital audio stream to an external standard USB DAC & amplifier & headphone, much more efficient than the internal DAC & amplifier & speakerphone.
I read a review of the E7 a while ago at but did not consider portable amps due to the lack of devices with a real line out that I own. Just read up a little today about "USB Soundcards" and watched a video from the Android Builders Summit about Android and Audio HAL at work. Looking forward to feed my Phonak PFE122 with the E7.

For everyone in doubt, I recommend the "to amp or not" article from the above mentioned website. Short: If you don't spend more than neccessary on IEMs/headphones or believe Beats Audio is as good as it can get, you don't need that.
USB DAC enabled on the GNex would be out of this world! =D
Interesting, how much effort will be required, after you implement it on Nexus, to do the same on Galaxy ll?
Or do they use the same rooted OS?
I'm working on it for the Galaxy Nexus, thats the device I own.
News are not so great at the moment. I've been trying to find out why this doesn't work with the correct SND USB Audio activated in the kernel, the device doesn't even recognize this device...doesn't even appear as a card via the ALSA driver...
What about the ability to stream analog audio out of the USB port on the GNex?  I had a Samsung GS2 (AT&T's I777) and I built a cable with a resistor bridging pins 4 and 5 in the micro USB adapter.  This told the phone it was in Car Dock mode.  It would redirect analog audio out the D+ and D- USB pins.  Is that possible with the GNex?  I tried plugging my new GNex into that same cable.  It didn't register as charging and no audio was output.  Thanks for all the work you do!
Way sorry to necro this post, but did you ever get this to work? And since you have an N4 now, did you ever try it on that?
Nope, didn't manage to get it to work. It required some major c++ audio library rewrite for the GN and I don't have the knowledge for that. I didn't try on the N4, but could give it a go.
I'm interested in having it work on the N4 if you are interested in looking! Thanks!
There is some work on USB Host Mode + Charging on the GNex.  I have it working currently on my Nexus 7.
It almost seems to good to be true.  He should share his findings with Cyanogenmod.  We all want 96khz/24 bitz.  Just do it.
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