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To empower your franco.Kernel experience and also support me for my the on-going efforts towards you and the community you can buy my franco.Kernel updater app:

Also if you're a FKU user and want to be part of the BETA testing of the next-gen FKU app ( #becauseMaterial ) you can do so by:

1 - Joining franco.Kernel community (mandatory by Google):
2 - Applying for the Beta channel:
3 - Wait a bit until Google allows you to download the latest APK from the Play Store, sometimes it's not instant
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Francisco Franco

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Good job +Google.
In case you don't know, the green horizontal line means your device is functioning at 60fps, above it, you're losing frames.

Google is supposed to be a reference for developers, this is REALLY bad. +Christian Göllner was noticing some jank while using Google Drive app so for the fun of it he fired up the GPU profiler and well... you can see how shitty this is.

Nice job.

+Colt McAnlis 

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Brian Z
I am not defending Google by any means. In fact idiots on xda sometimes call me a apple fanboy for calling Google out on their failures. But anyways. The drive app is nowhere near this bad on my oneplus one. It's largely well under the 16ms line for me.

I can make it drop a frame here and there but no matter what I do I don't anything like the picture results posted. Running stock everything + root too. 
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Francisco Franco

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I will get one, Android tv is awesome.
And this is the best one.
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Francisco Franco

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Latest beta release with a bunch of profiles for the Nexus 6.

Next release will be for the stable channel.
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+Albert Graham I pushed it today v12p409.
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Francisco Franco

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Apple's scrapped prototype of the iPhone 6S leaks. It was codenamed Galaxy S6.
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I liked the idea of curves. I like the idea of unibody metal chassis. What I don't like is the damn hardware button and that they queue their devices solely to complete with apple when android manufacturers are really pushing the innovation in design. Front-facing speakers would have been more useful on the front like htc, power and volume on the back like lg. Samsung has lost the idea of what android users want in design. They probably couldn't care any less, riding apple's coat tails to the bank as usual.
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Francisco Franco

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Ok +HTC you had one job, one: make a hell of a smartphone that would trump the future S6.
Tell me, do you think the average Joe will even notice the difference between the M8 and M9? The phone looks fine, that goldish rim gives it a nice finish, but the rest of the handset looks like... the same. Then you tell us "we worked very hard this past year on redesigning the One design language" - bullshit.
That black bar with the HTC logo... just WHY? That power software button on the nav bar... WHY? Sense looks like... sense, Lollipop design language is buried somewhere deep there... WHY?

If this is your attempt to overthrown Samsung... you should fire everyone on your teams.

I'm pissed because it's gonna be yet another year where everyone on the tech industry will praise the device on how it looks, but it will sell shit. It's like these guys don't wan't to succeed.

I'm disappointed.
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People who complain about a series of phones looking similar obviously don't understand Brand Recognition.  

Lets take this scenario.  2 people on the street.  One has a HTC M8.  That person probably knows about the M9.  

Second person says "hey, that's a nice phone!  Who makes it, etc?" 
Response: "Oh, it's an HTC M8.  It's a really good phone but they just released the M9 and I really wanna get that one.  Similar looks but runs better."  

HTC just got a word-of-mouth advertisement, and now when that person walks into the store, he doesn't have to search for what the new M9 design's similar and they walk out with an M9 and HTC walks away with another customer.  

Recognition is the name of the game.  Not making already-customers overwhelmingly happy with the new design.  The chance of somebody already owning an M8 and buying an M9 probably isn't as high as somebody without a HTC phone in the first place.  

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Francisco Franco

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Hi guys, I'm back in action on this app, going to devote my next 15-days to this.
What would you like to see implemented?

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+Caner Köksel I'll be adding notifications soon. Specifically for Hotfixes I don't know if I can do that, but I'll see what I can pull off.
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A new FKUpdater version has been pushed to the Play Store.
It has some nice enhancements and new features:

1 - Per-App Profiles back-end has been re-wrote from scratch to provide a better and bug-free experience. Big thanks to some users (you know who you are) that worked together with me for days and days to test different configurations and code changes. They are the heroes.
2 - Added support for the new KCAL color interfaces for supported devices, including profiles for the Nexus 6 and One Plus One
3 - Add auto Power-saving profile toggle based on battery % threshold. It's independent of Android's battery saver, it works together with my Performance Profiles, and it needs Kernel support (ramdisk more precisely). Other than franco.Kernel, LeanKernel for the Nexus 6 by +IMosey On supports this feature
4 - Fixed a crash when New Kernel notify option was selected
5 - Added info about Hotplug Control items
6 - Fixed File Manager bugs. You can also automagically install an .apk from the Manager
7 - Added preliminary support for the Nexus 9
8 - Fixed many small bugs reported by the community

This is a reasonably big release, I refactored a lot of code and improved a good bunch based on community feedback.

Thanks for supporting and sticking with me :)

#francoKernel   #becauseFKU  
A well established top-100 app with one of the highest ratings on the entir...
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+Francisco Franco​ does preliminary Nexus 9 support mean that your thinking of continuing your N9 kernel work? 
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New franco.Kernel version for the Nexus 6

* r19
* Improvement! Reduced power consumption during screen off scenario
* Improvement! Merged a patch from CodeAurora to reduce power consumption from the i2c bus by reducing its clocks from 50Mhz to 19.2MHz
* Improvement! Improved performance on quick burst scenarios by onlining all cores automagically if there are more than 10 runnable threads running on the system
* Improvement! Decreased load average by using an interruptible thread on a specific subsystem driver



Sent from franco.Kernel updater (

#becauseFKU #francoKernel
A well established top-100 app with one of the highest ratings on the entir...
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Francisco Franco

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I'll be present. If you're an Android Developer and you're in the neighborhood, don't miss it! 
The Cyanogen team and Android LX are inviting the Android community to share a few drinks and appetizers the 9th of March at the panoramic bar of Hotel do Chiado, Bar Entretanto!

Come, and discuss Android tech related topics with other developers, hackers, designers and users. With special guest +Steve Kondik  Founder and CTO of Cyanogen ( and other members of the Cyanogen team.

We're awaiting for you!

More Details at
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See you there ;)
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Francisco Franco

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"Every Android phone has a system manager, why are you acting like this is a big deal?"

"Clean Master works great on my other devices."

"How much did HTC pay you to write this?"

"This isn't the final software, so maybe Clean Master won't be there in the final release."

"Samsung is the best. Quit hating, trolls!"
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Love the gif btw
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Francisco Franco

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Seriously when are these Asian OEMs stop using their CEO's to announce their devices? It's like impossible to understand half of what they say and it takes away all the excitement that should be present when announcing a new product... I almost closed my laptop after hearing him talk. Samsung CEO is even worse!
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But here is the thing, what English, cause Americans can be much much more painful to listen to. southern UK is nigh on impossible, my Australian acent is far to fast for most and.... Well you get the point. Yes English is the dominant language in 2015, but maybe people should just speak native tounge and the rest rely on real time translation. I for one wish everything was in a south African acent, so Dam sexy. 
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I'm a full time Android developer with Linux Kernel background for several popular devices (Nexus line) and a deep understanding and knowledge of the full Android stack. Also maintain a couple of popular apps available on the Play Store (franco.Kernel updater, Peek, etc).
Linux Kernel, Android APIs, Java, marketing, design...
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Maintainer of franco.Kernel series for the Nexus line. Also the developer of franco.Kernel updater app, which features in the top-100 paid apps list.
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