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When I told my mom I was reading Bertrand Russell, she asked why and encouraged me to stop. I don’t blame her; Bertrand Russell was an atheist well known for writing, “Why I am Not a Christian,”
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I Love your comment Tyler, what you said is totally true, scary I don't know what else to say, I know you Know what I mean, as fur as I see it, the time when Jesus was in Earth, seams to me are a like with the times we are Live in at this present moments, the only difference is the way we dress, one important thing for to days, Christianity to avoid to do to others, is Judging then because I truly fill the Judge, Jesus the Lord is already at Work. Is unbelievable how much we can get from people, if we believed in then, when we trust in HIM(God), and we have Jesus to protect us. - God Bless you Tyler.
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