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Trailer for the new season coming out
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that is the attitude that all kids should have. 
What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?
+Francis Schmidt I read about this in the paper... This is completely innocuous.
How sad you have been treated unfairly.
I wish you all the best. 
Good luck to you. The way you have been treated in this issue is appalling. 
You... Got suspended for this? The level if derp that would lead to that decision is truly staggering.
This is truly ridiculous. The evident politics behind such a set up is far more of an evil threat than this photo is promoting the hit television series Game of Thrones. 100% ridiculous to be suspended over this photo. I'm sorry you are the victim in this scheme. 
James D
Amazing that the school is run by supposedly intelligent people and yet they can't seem to wrap their heads around a literary reference.  Good luck to you.
Hi +Francis Schmidt - would you be willing to let us use your photo on We'd credit you. Please let us know. Feel free to call us at 631-843-2063 if you have any questions.
Totally bizarre story. Commiserations
Wow. Read about this incident in the news. This is completely ludicrous, and the college should be ashamed of themselves. 
Maybe your students can all wear the shirt in solidarity. Whatever happens, I hope this ends well for you.
Just read about this on a local #SanDiego  website.  What crap man.  This in no way deserves a suspension.  Hope it all works out for you!
Francis, the whole world's with you. Don't let them intimidate you over this.
This makes me fear that you are going to come after me with an AK-47.
Just saw the ridiculousness about your school, so I had to come circle you for solidarity.  Hope things turn out okay for you.
This is insane. And infuriating. I'm behind you all the way. Wow. Does no one have any freaking common sense anymore??
What ever happened to civil liberties like freedom of speech and expression! Slippery slopes, next thing you know we'll all have bar-code tattoos and will be herded into detention camps/ or ghettos!
Just found out about this on first day of class. So crazy. But maybe they were worried about dragons. I am too. Remember, "Winter is coming."
Will you join BCC's Game of Thrones Fan Club?
Just read your story, and response. If anything, your reputation has increased in my eyes. All will be well, Professor.
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