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Posts can now deep link to content inside your mobile app

Hello Android and iOS developers! Now when a user shares a favorite song or story from your app to Google+, their stream post can include a deep link to that piece of content. Clicking the link either:

- Opens your app, and goes directly to the story (for instance), or
- Redirects to Google Play or the App Store to encourage download

Check out our developer docs to learn more about the Google+ mobile SDKs, and today's launch of deep links on Android and iOS. ( You can also download Pulse News from Google Play to see deep links in action (, or read more about it on our blog (!

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Looks like a great idea Francis! One thing I'm not sure about is if you can do it from the initial share intent or you need to have the user target Google+ specifically.

Is there a way to allow the OS to offer the Share prompt and then based on what they select add the extra package information required for deep links?
Just played with it and it works. I removed pulse and clicking the link took me to the Google Play Store page for Pulse. Now, I am not sure if that is a good behavior. It's confusing to the end user as I did not see any option to skip the app installation and directly go to the link. Am I missing anything here? 
I don't know what happened with the recent update, but now the Google+ app on my phone (HTC Evo 4G LTE) accounts for up to 50% of my battery usage on a regular basis. It never used to be anywhere near that high before.

Please fix this.
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