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Francis Ma

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Some of my favorite apps!
Lots of new partners launching Google+ Sign-In in the past few weeks! Big congrats to all our partners across multiple platforms. Try signing in with Google to see what they've done:

On Web: +BuzzFeed, +BBC News, +iHeartRadio, +The Wall Street Journal  
On Android: +Flipboard+feedly, +shopkick  +iHeartRadio 
On iOS: +shopkick, WeHeartIt  
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Francis Ma

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New Google+ feature on Pinterest

Hey, Pinners! Today we're making it easy for you to connect G+ with Pinterest. Now you can login and signup with G+ anytime your using an Android device.

Give it a try:
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Francis Ma

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Sharing on Google is more engaging when the message is targeted to specific individuals.

With recipients automatically suggested from your Google contacts and circles, it makes this even easier!
Hey iOS developers, we've got two new improvements to the Google+ iOS SDK just in time for the holidays: better auto-complete and suggested recipients!

#googleplusupdate   #googleplusplatform   #ios  
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Hi Francis, really glad to see some of these improvements to the G+ sharing capabilities. I tried integrating 9 months ago but the solutions at the time were a bit awkward.
Out of interest, is there any plan to allow direct posting to G+ personal pages w/o a prompt in the future? I see that G+ company pages now allows this via an application process.  I assume that this prevents abuse or a 'farmville pandemic', which I can completely understand, but was interested if this would eventually extend to personal pages. I imagine Buffer, among others, must be nagging at you guys for this, haha :)

For the record, I am the developer of Postcard and would LOVE to integrate G+ in an elegant promptless experience.
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Francis Ma

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Use interactive posts to drive more user interactions!
Learn how +Fancy designed their site to help users involve friends in meaningful ways. We hope these best practices are useful for your apps too.

#googleplusplatform   #interactiveposts  
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Francis Ma

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At Google+, we've recently released a bunch of fantastic features to help developers grow their audiences, drive Android installs, and generally create more engaging apps. 

I just wrote up a blog post listing out some of my recent favorites. Take a look...hopefully some of these can help you grow your audience, too.
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"All humans are entrepreneurs.. when we started out in caves, we were all self-employed"..

(Not a new presentation -- h/t to Startup Digest's +Chris McCann and crew for resurfacing)
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Francis Ma

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Hey Developers, here are a few ways to enhance your app distribution strategy via Google!
Check out +Seth Sternberg 's tips on how  #GrowWithGoogle .
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Great share +Francis Ma. Thanks.
Truly enjoyed your presentation +Seth Sternberg.  
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Francis Ma

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Launching today as part of Google Play Services 4.1 -- an improved Google+ sharing experience with better auto-complete. Now when Android users start adding recipients within the Google+ sharebox, auto-complete will suggest Gmail contacts, device contacts, and people on Google+. And of course: users can also just type in an email address.

Read more about Google Play Services 4.1:

#googleplusupdate   #googleplusplatform   #android
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An early holiday present for developers and users!
Today we’re announcing a few improvements to Google+ Sign-In, including:
1. Support for all Google account types
2. Easy migration from other auth methods (migration guide:
3. Incremental auth (video:

These changes make it easier and more effective to include Google authentication in your app. Happy coding!

Blog post:

#googleplusupdate #googleplusplatform  
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I’m pleased to report that today, the Google+ platform team is announcing a set of improvements to our JavaScript SDK. Check it out!

#googleplusupdate   #googleplusplatform  
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Product Manager at Google, former entrepreneur, ex-Amazon Eng lead, U.Waterloo alumnus. Expectant dad, and ice hockey fan.
Always be true to yourself and others. Stay humble and modest. Keep your mind open and never stop learning. There is no limit. Don't forget to smile.
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