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Franchise Software Systems
The only FREE franchise intranet!
The only FREE franchise intranet!

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This is the story of James. James is unhappy because he needs a franchise intranet that supports his franchisees. James isn't able to respond to everyone at once and he keeps having to repeat himself.

He hasn't heard about Franchise Software Systems! The only FREE franchise intranet. The Franchise Resource Center allows you to share best practices, build relationships, reduce administrative costs, ensure brand consistency and legal compliance.

NEW from Franchise Software Systems!
- Franchise Lead Manager: Manage potential franchisees with a FREE robust lead manager and CRM.

Franchise Software Systems Applications:
- Web Builder
- Ad Builder
- Training, Testing and Reporting

Now James is happy again because everything is in one place, everything is up to date and his franchisees are happy too!

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Don't let good employees slip through the cracks!

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We're pleased to announce two new applications to the #Franchise Resource Center!

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NEW Blog!

We're pleased to add two new applications to our Franchise Resource Center; the Task Manager and Franchisee Lead Generator and Manager.

#franchise #leads #leadgeneration #Leadgenerator #franchising #franchisee  

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Grow your franchise business! Track progress from lead to franchisee with the NEW Franchisee Lead Generator and Manager.

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Be found in the local search results with the Website Builder Application>>

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IFA argues that the minimum wage hike is purposefully targeting and punishing franchised companies.

"Our favorite saying in the office is "It's on the portal." That's what we tell #franchisees every time they email or call looking for information or a document. The Franchise Resource Center has been a time saver for us and a great tool to communicate across the entire #franchise system."

-Drew Johnston, VP Operations Salons by JC
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