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Since I joined G+ I found many new friends: talented photographers, engineers, poets, dreamers..
Among those people I created a circle of amazing photographers called Light Masters
This small group of people inspire my photography and my life every day with their brilliant work.
Most of them are landscapers, people that really enjoy what this planet can offer and who have fun playing with the light..but here you'll find not only great scapers, you'll find Inspiration..
This list is a work in progress, so I ask you to share it and to suggest new inspiring people to add.. (and forgive me if I forgot someone of you!)
And remember:

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes - Marcel Proust


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Quite an honor to be there. :-)
I'd be honored if you check out my images and add me to your circles.
Great circle +Francesco Gola I would be honoured if you would check my work and consider adding me!
Frannnnnnnnn, you rock!! Thank you SooooooooOoooo much! :) You are in my favs circle :)
Friends, you deserved all this place, and it's an honor for me sharing this Circle!
Remember also that this Circle is really in an early beta, so I'll try to reshare it updated in few days!
There are a lot of great Landscape photographs in this amazing circle... Would love to be a part of it!
+Francesco Gola, fantastic circle...thank you for pulling it together! Would appreciate being added to it...if you feel my work to be worthy!
I'd love to be in this fantastic circle...long exposure rocks
thanks for the inclusion Francesco :) Much appreciated
+Francesco Gola Hi Francesco, I will appreciate it if you could add me to the artist / photography / designer / illustrator circle for the next update. Thanks, Tanya
Would be honoered to be part of this circle.
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