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Hello guys!
Here another shot taken in the beautiful Punta Bianca, a wonderful spot located near where I live now (Lerici, Italy)
If I close my eyes I can still feel on my skin the fresh air and the warmth of this beautiful sunset..

#LongExposureThursday #PlusPhotoExtract
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I love the clarity and colours in this image.
Nice spot, I know it very well, i'ts where I learned snorkeling from my older brother. There was a weird guy living in one of the caves at the top, of the hill. His name was Napoleone, if I remember correctly.
I am now talking back in the '60ties :-)
Makes me want to go to the sea!!! Hopefully the weather will get better ! :D
+Francesco Gola Frannieee, if you are going to show me how you make this shots! I will think about that visit AHahhahahahahaaaa :P :P :P
You can always come this way as well, we have kind floral photographers around here :P :P :P
Lovely vibrant textural eye candy!
This is just stunning, great light and color
Francesco, this is wonderful!! The colors are to die for and the composition just makes you step into the photo and start walking on these rocks. :)
Beautiful!! I love the wonderful color on the horizon and the soft water in the foreground. It's a wonderful photograph!!
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