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New Google street view images for Edinburgh?

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T -60 minutes!


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Happy towel day everyone! #TowelDay 

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Really engaging videos, I look forward for the next!
Compressor Head, Episode 2: The LZ Compression Family
/with +Colt McAnlis  #everybitcounts   #compressorhead   #developers

In the world of compression, one algorithm family reigns supreme. Born in the late 70s, the Lempel-Ziv algorithms have become the most dominant dictionary encoding schemes in compression. +Colt McAnlis walks us through why these algorithms are so dominant in this episode of Compressor Head.

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Very interesting video on vintage computing!

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Whenever you're working on the (SQLite) persistence layer of your #Android app, especially when debugging a problem, it can be invaluable to see the executed SQL statements in plain text in logcat.

So for verbose logging simply set the appropriate properties with "adb shell" like this:

adb shell setprop log.tag.SQLiteLog V
adb shell setprop log.tag.SQLiteStatements V
adb shell stop
adb shell start

That's it. Whenever any of the installed apps now accesses the database you should see the executed statement in the log output.

These simple lines saved me some gray hair today :)

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This is what's happening right now..
Space is amazing

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Since it looks like it's becoming a trend, I'll post the battery life of my nexus 5.
Not bad in my opinion.
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