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Sabato 19 settembre - Domenica 20 settembre 2015

Ed ecco finalmente la community dedicata a GnoccoCON.

In questo post:

trovate tutte le informazioni necessarie per iscrivervi, come iscriversi e come partecipare.
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La Convention Reggiana dedicata al Gioco di Ruolo
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i'm starting to like this guys, a lot, he talks very well, in a very accessible manner
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1. Battlestar Galactica(5 over 5)
2. Coup (5 over 5, Under30)
3. Pairs(5 over 5 Under 30)
4. 6 nimmt (5 over 5)
4. Anomia(5 over 5)
5. Hanabi(Under30)
6. Zombiecide
7. Dobble(Under 30)
8. Mahjong
9. Quorriors
10. Civilization (5 over 5)
11. A Study In Emerald
12. Castles of Burgundy
13. Manouvre
14. Not war, but murder
15. Love Letter(Under 30)
16. 1830
17. High Frontier 2nd edition(5 over 5)
18. Marvel Dice(Under 30)
19. Dungeon Baazar
20. Principi di Firenze
21. Kagematsu
22. Fantascatti
23. Jungle Speed
24. Tokaido
25. A Sullied War
26. Caylus
27. Le Havre
28. Ikusa(5 over 5)
29. Legend of the Elements

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and i'm definitely forgetting stuff
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After an engineer from California posted a photo of herself with the hashtag, women descended on social media to contribute their photos and badass skills.
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Playtest session of A Sullied War, a developing CoIn game on Italian resistance war at the end of WWII.

The big conceptual innovation is the moving front, as the Allies (an automatic "faction") advanced through the Peninsula. The actual factions are the Nazis, Social Republic of Saló (Fascist loyalists), "White" Catholic Partisans and "Red" Communist Partisans.

Very interesting, and highlighting a crucial period in Italian history mostly unknown abroad.
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nothing to add, Schneider is right, as usual
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Also, this is why I'm very looking forward there projects:
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A new Spotify privacy policy shows that you don't have any.
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you can actually do spmething... delete spotify
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And now for my new trick: Videos.

Regarding James Cameron unfunny idea of banning Strong Encryption and forcing big companies to insert exploit in their systems
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I'm not even sure I have enough composure to watch this without becoming a wriggling mass of rage. :P
(also: even if agreeing, banning something has been tried again and again, and it never did any good in the long run)
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EuroGame vs AmericanGame: l'eterna lotta
E' da un po' che non faccio un articoletto dove rifletto in merito a un argomento e vedere il ritorno dei soliti post sulla superiorità di un genere mi ha fatto tornare voglia di farlo. Parliamo dell'eterna lotta tra la stirpe degli Euro/German Game e gli A...
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E' da un po' che non faccio un articoletto dove rifletto in merito a un argomento e vedere il ritorno dei soliti post sulla superiorità di un genere mi ha fatto tornare voglia di farlo. Parliamo dell'eterna lotta tra la stirp...
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Sub. Ora devo dormire 
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Stasera si cucina! Non perdetevi la LIVE su:
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oh well we are fucked
A controversial copyright ruling could make it harder to make computer programs work together, and the government advised the Supreme Court not to review it.
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"It held that the technical specifications Google had copied — including the names of functions (such as "max" for the maximum function), as well as what type of data these functions accept and return (like the fact that "max" takes two integers and returns an integer) — was eligible for copyright protection."

Sorry, what??!?
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