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Negli Stati Uniti si vuole legalizzare la discriminazione dei gay travestendola da libertà religiosa. Ma non si può rispettare la fede quando ti vuole imporre come vivere. 
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La difesa della libertà di religione dà diritto a discriminare i gay
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In occasione del Play 2015, dove parteciperemo entrambe le giornate con delle puntate speciali live, abbiamo organizzato in collaborazione con Narrattiva un concorso per celebrare, ovviamente il Coboldo, il nuovo libretto che è stato inserito da Narrattiva nella seconda edizione del manuale di Dungeon World, che noi tanto adoriamo. E vogliamo quindi premiare i nostri ascoltatori con un bottino degno di Krubal.
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Il primo podcast di giochi di ruolo in italiano. - Udite! Udite! In occasione del Play 2015, dove parteciperemo entrambe le giornate con delle puntate speciali live, abbiamo organizzato in collaborazione co
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Cosa vi siete persi questa settimana su Unnecessary Pixels?

SkySaga Infinite Isles
Mincraft MMO! E sembra pure niente male! Per tutti quelli che Mojang gli sta sulle balle.

Orion Trail
In Oregon Trail si moriva di dissenteria andando col carretto attraverso l'America. In Orion Trail si muore di rare malattie aliene andando in giro per lo spazio.

La dimostrazione che i giochi fan male, non solo a chi li gioca , ma anche a chi li crea. La crisi di coppia attorno alla tazza del esso.

Home (S01E01)
Iniziamo un'avventura horror. E' il primo episodio e ci siamo già spaventati. Serie breve che promette bene.
Presto torna anche The Last door (ma abbiamo avuto un problema tecnico e dobbiamo rigiocarne un pezzo)

Super Meat Boy - Episodio 14 (Peter Molyneux, Godus e Kickstarter)
Max finisce la Salt Factory e si parla di Kickstarter , Peter Molineaux e progetti che non mantengono le promesse.

Dragonball Xenoverse
Lo proviamo, lo commentiamo, cazzeggiamo un sacco esaltati come dei ragazzini. E c'è pure Giulia!
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E' quasi San Valentino, tempo di regali.
Questa volta noi lo facciamo a voi
Per ringraziare tutti quelli che seguono questo canale, oggi Unnecessary Pixels propone un concorso.

Come si vince?
Iscrivetevi alla pagina Facebook o G+ (Se siete già iscritti, tanto meglio)
Condividete pubblicamente questo post.
ATTENZIONE: Se condividete anche un'altro video di Unnecessary Pixels, scrivendo due righe sul perché avete scelto proprio quel video, avete una seconda entry nel sorteggio finale.

Cosa si vince?
Si vince una copia di Long Live the Queen.
Se non sapete cos'è potete recuperare l'episodio in cui lo giochiamo
( )

il 20/02/2015 alle 12:00
Poi sorteggio e vincitore proclamato nel week-end del 21 e 22
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Things to do in the first session 

First of, do everything that is said on pages 175-181 in the Dungeon World book. 
Second, do what +Ezio Melega  describes here and create a world together at the table:
You might use a Dungeon Starter or something alike. That is also okay, that is not what this post will be about. 

This is about how you make sure that the choices the players made for their characters matter in the game. This should help you to be a fan of the character

Coming from Dungeon World you should ask questions about where they come from and who they are and where they are going but let’s get a bit more specific, shall we? 

The Bard 

Ask them about their instrument. All of them come with a story hook. If they choose the freshly repaired mandolin, ask them how it was destroyed and by whom. Write that name down and use them later! If they choose the pipes that enchanted their first love, ask them if it was a happy ending or a tragic love story. 

They will choose a specific Bardic Lore. Make that matter. If they know about The Dead and Undead then make them face mummies. If they know about Planar Spheres - guess where the adventure is going? If you don’t want to be that fantastical at least use planar creatures, portals or cultists. 

When they use Arcane Art, ask for specific descriptions and more importantly, ask the other characters how it feels to be affected by that. If there is a Wizard, ask them how they see this Bardic Magic and their opinions on it. 

This goes for the Bard, but for every high CHA character: Give them people to talk to. They want to Parley so let them. Have enemies surrender before a fight and talk it out. Give them a chance to make friends (and enemies) by using their charisma and play elements of the dungeon against each other. Be liberal with interpreting “having leverage”. Leverage shouldn’t be hard to get, this is a basic move after all. Don’t take away the CHA class's basic move! 

The Cleric

The Cleric will choose a Deity. Write down their name and aspects. Give them a mission in the session related to that faith or even better, ask them why, in relation to their faith, they are on that adventure. Ask about the Enemies of their Deity and make them, or hints of them, show up. 
If they are a healy Cleric, give them something to deal outside of the party. Make them find someone in dire need of healing. If you are a kind GM, make it someone that follows their faith. If you want to spice it up, make it a heretic that still needs help and might be a good target for conversion attempts. 

When they Cast a Spell ask what divine signs appear. Ask them how it feels to channel the power of their Deity. Is it alien and bizarre or fulfilling as they become one with holy energy? 

All Clerics can Turn Undead. If you can, have undead appear that can be turned. That is not as important as the Deity things but it is still a part of the Clerics identity so please respect that. 

When they Cast a Spell on another character, ask them how it feels to be affected by divine magic. If they are not followers of that deity, ask the Cleric if it is okay to use divine magic on unbelievers. Does it even work? 

When they Commune with their god, ask them how those prayers look. Communing with a goddess of Battle and Lightning is different then communing with the Wise King of Flowers. 

Give them a clear chance to fulfill the precept of their religion. To best do that, ask them what kind of acts will count fr that. When they do, give them a cool boon to. Make them feel special and divine, don’t just give them a small, unimportant thing. 

The Druid

Oh the Druid. 

In the beginning of the session, ask them about their Land. How it looks like, where it is. Most importantly, ask them what kind of creatures from this land they usually turn into. This help you out immensely because, when they give you that info you have a bit of time to come up with moves for these animal forms and you are not caught of guard when they do that for the first time. 

Give them some Animals to talk to! If you asked about what kind of creatures lived on their land you should find some of them that also live where your current adventure takes place. 

When they Shapeshift, ask them how they do it. They most probably do not just flicker and within a millisecond have a different form right? Do they call on animal spirits to get their form? Do they craft their own flesh into a new form or do they borrow the form from an animal in some kind of spiritual exchange? If you know that, you can make the Shapeshifting mean something in the fiction besides getting cool special abilities. 

The Fighter

Givem them Bars to Bend and Gates to Lift. Create obstacles that most likely will need brute force to get through. Be lenient in what can be destroyed so that they get used to smashing things with that move. Its a powerful tool that can easily be forgotten in my experience. Of course don’t railroad them into it but offer the possibilitiy. 
Ask about their Signature Weapon. Why is it important? What makes it cool? What is its name? What important figure wielded it beforehand? What hidden abilities is is said to have? What giant threats were defeated with it? I repeat. Ask for the name of the weapon. Named weapon are cool. If it has no name, ask why. 

In the same way, ask about their Fighting Style and reward them for it. If they pull out crazy fighting maneuvers, don’t make them Defy Danger for every step of it. They are THE Fighter. If anyone can do that, it is them. 

Include a meaningful enemy. Someone that will deal with the Fighter specifically. If they are defendy, give them a party member to defend from overwhelming force. IF they are highly aggressive, give them a strong enemy that will seek them out specifically as a challenge or because “the Fighter needs to die right now”. Make them feel powerful by making the world show that they are powerful. 

The Paladin

Ask the Paladin what their Quest is. Make that the first adventure. Start them at the last or second to last step of fulfilling that quest.  
They will choose some boons. Make sure that at least 1 of these boons has the chance to pay of. If they have a sure sense of direction to their target, put them in a confusing maze or big cave system that they won’t care about since they know where the target is. When they are immune to spears, have hoplites show up. When they can sense lies, have people lie to them. 
In the same sense, give them a moment their vows are important. Don’t give them a crushing choice between those but a moment for the Paladin to show that they stand by their vows. Make them show up so we are reminded of them and of the moral nature of the Paladin. 

In the same sense as the cleric, ask about the Deity they worship. Focus maybe a bit more on their enemies and what this god wants the Paladin to fight for. That will inform what vows the Paladin will most likely have to uphold. Same as the cleric, make these elements of the faith show up and mean something in the game. 

I am the Law. Let them be the Law. Give them flunkies to commandeer away. I personally would aim to give at least 2 chances for this move to work and the first time they do it, give them what they want. Make them feel smart about using that move and choosing the Paladin. The second time, you can be more freely in what you choose. I am sure you can think of something. Just be sure to not play cotcha with the Paladin or they will just stray away from using that move ever again. 

The Ranger

“First” thing you do. Ask about the Animal Companion
What is its name? How did the two meet? How is their relationship? Write down the strenghs and weaknesses and trainings of the AC. In the first session you should aim at showing each of these things once. You might not hit all of them but every time the AC is involved in the action, look at these tags and try to bring them into action. A 6- of the Ranger is always a good possibility to bring in one of the AC’s weaknesses. BUT! 
Don’t make the AC a hassle that they want to get rid of. Its a cool thing. The main thing you want to accomplish with showing the strengths and weaknesses is give the AC a personality. If the Ranger player forgets about his animal you have done it wrong. 
In the same way, don’t include elements in your first adventure that would punish them for having that animal or takes it away from them. If they have a big bad wolf, don’t make them climb a wall the AC can’t follow. You effectively took the AC away. Never do that. Not in the first session. 

Give them stuff to shoot. An unsuspecting enemy is so easy to include and it gives them a chance to show of their archery skill with Called Shot. Be liberal with interpreting “defenseless or surprised”. 

Also, make enemies flee. A fleeing enemy is something they can Hunt&Track. I think in all games I was in I never saw this move used because no opportunity was provided.  

The Thief

It’s all about the Traps baby! (well not all)
Traps. Put lots of them into the dungeon. (you should do that anyway but it goes double for a Thief). When the Thief doesn’t has any traps to find you have failed your job. 
When they handle traps, ask them where they learned to deal with traps. If you include magical traps, ask them how they deal with that. (whatever they say is okay here)

Give them things to disarm, steal, open, manipulate and whatever else to make Tricks of the Trade a thing. Traps are a big part of that but also locked chests etc. You should never have chests that just open normally in your first session if there is a Thief in the group. Let them do their thing. 

Let them do it from behind. This is basically the same advice as for the Ranger. Give them backs to Backstab. Have them sneak around and take out guards, have them sneak behind the massive ogre and help out the fighter. All that stuff. 

When there is treasure, ask them what it is worth - they probably know. Ask them about rival thieves and ancient treasures. Everything bling is their domain. So give them a big score at the end, but make it something they need to use their skills to get. Make it clear that the party would have a much harder time getting it without a thief. 

The Wizard 

Ia Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

That doesn’t help? Okay. 
A Wizard stores spells in their mind to unleash the later. Or is it? Ask them what Preparing Spells means. Make it not just a bookkeeping thing but something that has meaning in the fiction. When they prepare, ask about their spellbook. How does it look? Is it theirs or stolen? How do spells written down in it look? 

When they Cast a Spell ask them how that looks. How that feels and how it works. What are they doing? Are they hacing the world or drawing on the winds of mana? Are they channeling the spirit of dead mages or drawing on their own lifeforce to power their spells? 
How does it feel to loose a spell that was caught in their mind and is suddenly gone? Is it terrible or orgasmic or liberating? When you know these things it will be much easier to come up with hard moves when they fail to Cast Spells
If you tie those hard moves back to their spellcasting idiom they will feel accomplished and know that their contribution to the game matters. That thing happened because they set up the rules like that. 
Later on you can play with those rules, maybe introduce something that breaks one of these fundamental rules so the Wizard can figure out how they did it. Don’t do this in the first session though. 

Related to those rules of magic are Rituals and Places of Power. Ask the Wizard how Places of Power look in your world. Are they ancient stone circles pr mana batteries? Are they star observatories or places of blood sacrifice? Once you know that, ask how the nature of places of power reflect on the Rituals that are done there. Mana battery rituals look different then blood arena ones. 
When you know this it will be easier to come up with the requirements for the rituals the player comes up with. 

Give them a Place of Power. The first session of a Wizard should include the chance for a ritual. Make them feel clever about finding and using it. Don’t make the conditions unobtainable, in fact; make it something they can do THAT session. Introduce the Place of Power early. Play into the skills of the other characters. When there is a Cleric involved they can do divine effect together, same goes for Druid and naturey rituals. When you make the Ritual a party project everyone will feel involved without the Wizard losing their special thing.  

In the end it comes down to validating player choices. Make it clear that the things that happened, happened because of what the players brought to the table. 
Make them use all their moves. 
Learn about their place in the world and how these places work. 
Make them feel welcome and awesome. 

What is missing here? What else should you do to be a fan of a specific character? What worked in your games? 
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thank you for writing it :)
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Siamo felici di annunciare che la seconda edizione di Dungeon World e la nuova uscita Inverse World saranno distribuiti nei negozi in esclusiva da +Manicomix Distribuzione (, assieme agli altri titoli del catalogo Narrattiva, a partire da Lucca comics & Games 2014.
Potrete quindi trovare i nostri giochi nei negozi Manicomix, Games Academy, e non solo. Dungeon World seconda edizione e Inverse World saranno inoltre a doppio marchio (Narrattiva/Manicomix).

Per celebrare questa nuova collaborazione, in occasione di fiere, manifestazioni e presso i negozi affiliati troverete in esclusiva la Strega, nuova classe giocabile all’interno sia di Dungeon World che di Inverse World, illustrata e colorata da +Michela Da Sacco. Armata di grandi poteri magici, pozioni e il suo fidato manico di scopa, è pronta a gettarsi nell’avventura! Come userai questo enorme potenziale?
La Strega introduce due elementi caratteristici di Inverse World, Guida e Peculiarità, ma non preoccupatevi: ne troverete una breve spiegazione anche all’interno della seconda edizione di Dungeon World. 

Annunciamo anche le due nuove classi che saranno incluse nella seconda edizione di Dungeon World: il Coboldo e l’Arcanero con le bellissime illustrazioni sempre di +Michela Da Sacco.
Il Coboldo è una creatura che solitamente siamo abituati a non considerare seriamente, ma che può diventare una risorsa preziosa per il gruppo, esperto nell’arrangiarsi e in grado di sopravvivere in condizioni avverse. E, perché no, di mostrare al mondo che i coboldi non sono da sottovalutare.
L’Arcanero è ciò che sta all’incrocio fra mago da battaglia e cowboy. Armato di rune, bacchetta e pragmatismo (e magari un fidato destriero), forse cela un cuore d’oro sotto al cinismo… o forse farai meglio a guardarti le spalle.

Speriamo che troviate queste nuove classi interessanti e divertenti da giocare!
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and her we go

chi e' diceva "non ho niente da nascondere"? ENJOY
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Con un emendamento al decreto Antiterrorismo l’Italia diventa il primo Paese europeo che rende esplicitamente ed in via generalizzata legale e autorizzato la
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we play, we eat and we drink, always a good combination
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Giochi d’Amore in uscita a Play Modena

Il volume raccoglie tre giochi di Emily Care Boss: Rompere il ghiaccio (Breaking the Ice), Mira alla luna (Shooting the Moon) e Sotto la pelle (Under my Skin, vincitore del Premio del Pubblico a Fastafal 2009) che ci condurranno in un viaggio fra le varie sfaccettature dell’amore: attrazione, passione, corteggiamento, tradimento, fedeltà.

L’apparato grafico sarà frutto di una delle più ambiziose produzioni di Narrattiva. Gli attori della compagnia On The Fly Theatre (aiutati da alcune collaborazioni) si sono alternati sotto l’obiettivo del talentuoso Federico Galli in uno shooting fotografico tenuto presso il Mat di Misano Adriatico.

Le foto saranno successivamente ritoccate dalle sapienti mani di valenti disegnatrici, che creeranno all’interno della foto il contesto fantastico immaginato dai giocatori. Il risultato si annuncia entusiasmante! Fra le artiste (ancora da confermare) si fa il nome di Michela Da Sacco (talentuosa disegnatrice Bonelli che già aveva collaborato con Narrattiva per PSI*RUN e Il Mostro della Settimana).

Restate sintonizzati! A brevissimo una novità che riguarderà proprio il giorno più romantico dell’anno!
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Let's get this off my chest...
Fifty Shades is the worst thing to happen to BDSM EVER...
Simple as that.
A bully abuses a girl using his position of power over her.
EL James wouldn't know a D/s relationship if she was in one.
As an English teacher I can judge and say she writes like a 14 year old.
As the holder of a psychology degree I can tell you Mr Grey is an example of an evil human being.
As a Mistress to a submissive pet (not SuperGirl) I am furious that a Dominate/sub relationship be portrayed as she has done.
And to release it on valentines day...
Fuck off..

If YOU think it kinky romance then for fucks sake read this post in full.
If you still don't understand then please disappear from my life because you're clearly stupid.
Yes, I'm usually quite tolerant to views differing from mine, but not on this one. If you think this monstrosity is harmless fun then you are an idiot.

Let me break it down for those who don't understand.
Here's fifty things wrong with it.

1. Ignoring consent, he does it. You never do that. Never.
2. Reacting to the sentiment “no, I don’t want to have sex with you right now” by threatening to tie the speaker up, taking their clothes off, and… having sex with them. That's rape.
3. Not treating safewords as important.
4. Not treating contracts as important.
5. Joking about the importance of safewords and contracts in a D/s relationship.
6. Having a partner sign a D/s contract without telling them it isn’t legally binding.
7. Not exploring and explaining limits
8. Forcibly preventing a partner from learning about their limits. He doesn't give a shit about her.
9. Forcibly preventing a partner from learning about a sexual practice you are encouraging them to engage in.
10. Making a romantic relationship dependent on indulging non-mutual kinks
11. Taking sexual advantage of someone who is intoxicated
12. Refusing to allow a partner to masturbate
13. Pushing someone who has never experienced any sexual interest, including maturbation, into a sexual relationship immediately after meeting them
14. Pushing someone who has never experienced any sexual interest, including masturbation, into a kinky sexual relationship immediately after meeting them despite the fact that they have no knowledge about kink
15. Refusing to allow that partner any trustworthy source of knowledge about those kinks other than yourself
16. Forcing a partner to make specific decisions about birth control based on your preferences
17. Reading a partner’s email and phone messages without their knowledge or consent
18. Physically hurting a partner without their informed consent
19. Physically hurting a partner even though it causes them fear
20. Controlling who a partner can and cannot spend time with outside of the relationship
21. Showing up at someone’s house after they’ve literally just emailed you to say they don’t want to see you anymore
22. Routinely forcing a partner to eat when they don’t want to.
23. The perpetuation of the idea that a woman has no libido or sexual desire of her own until it is “awoken” by a desirable man
24. The man as aggressor and the woman as, essentially, prey
25. Refusal to utter the word “vagina,” instead referring to female genitalia as “down there,” despite the fact that male genitals are described frequently and in often-bizarrely-metaphorical detail
26. A female character who is just so skinny and naturally feminine that she forgets to eat all the time! That’s… that’s not what people do. If you regularly forget to eat, you might have an eating disorder. And you definitely need to get that looked into.
27. The good-girl cures bad-boy trope
28. Stating marriage, babies, heteronormative normalcy as the ultimate goal for a young woman and lots and lots of kinky sex with multiple partners as the ultiamte goal for a young man
29. Racial stereotyping of a young man of color (the only vaguely significant character of color) as a scary probable rapist who nice white girls must be protected from, despite the fact that his behavior (which I am totally not condoning) is much less sexually predatory than that of the white male love interest
30. Complete erasure of queer people of all types
31. Typing- that is, the idea that a man only likes women of one physical “type,” and thus that his only possible interest in these women is their physical appearance, not their personalities or anything else
32. Excusing the rape of a young boy by a woman. The one good thing the female main character does in the series is condemn the woman who raped her partner when he was 14 and question his continuing relationship with her. However, he completely laughs off her objections and the overall plot of the books somewhat normalizes his sexual abuse.
33. Presenting the only dominant female character as a rapist
34. Treating female sexual pleasure and orgasm as something bizarre
35. Treating female sexual pleasure and orgasm as something belonging exclusively to a male partner, to bestow or not as he chooses
36. Presenting a character who has never felt sexual attraction to anyone, ever, and has never masturbated, as obviously heterosexual and ignoring the asexual spectrum completely
37. Consistent devaluing of female friendships
38. Painting the normal state of relationships as a dominant man and a submissive woman
39. Treating a partner’s kinks as something unpleasant to be barely tolerated
40. Someone seeking out a partner they know will barely tolerate their kinks because of internalized kink-shaming
41. Creating the sense that a character’s kinks must stem from some “reason” and thus the idea that kinks cannot be natural
42. Associating kinks with extreme trauma from early childhood
43. Treating a kink as something very embarassing, to be kept secret under threat of legal action
44. The phrase “laters, baby,” which is just obnoxious. And the whole “inner goddess” thing, which deserves a special nod for its sheer terribleness
45. Generally terrible writing.
46. Lack of aftercare. The whole second book’s plot could have been avoided if Christian weren’t genuinely a terrible Dom.
47. This one part where a female character puts her hair in pigtails to make herself look like a child to protect herself from the sexual aggression of her partner. And then he totally gets that that’s why she’s doing it, and says something along the lines of “that won’t protect you.” I actually cannot.
48. Plagiarism. Since when is it totes okay to make money off someone else’s copyrighted idea?
49. Coopting fanfiction and fanworks, by and large a feminist, queer-positive practice, to make money off an unfeminist, queer-erasing work
50. People are entering into D/s relationship based off the precepts the learned in this book, which is dangerous and frightening.

Thanks for getting this far.
It's that last one that really scares me. I've met girls who have been abused in such relationships, and this film I fear will encourage more. 

Edit - Sunstone
The best illustration of a true D/s relationship based on love.

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1) Premise: morality is not the only issue. Anyway it's difficul to separate cause and effect of our inner desires. Usually a dominating appearence can hide a submission desire and viceversa. But hard to know what is cause and effect. Our Jungian shadow.

2) You can never separete sex and power. We are mammals. Sexual competition is unavoidable.
Even more: our society and our cultural evolution is mainly based on sex struggles and on sex control and domination. If you remove a hierarchy you will create another one (C.Paglia docet)
Again: unavoidable.
We have the instinct to kill also, right, indeed we created team sports, circus, gaming to exorcise and sublimate those instincts.
And in the same way we created S/M for sex. ^^
It's for that reason that i am quite libertarian in behaviour, vices and language etiquette.
We need a certain degree of violent and self-destruction outburst or we explode in very damaging way for other people.
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venghino signori venghino
Ecco alcune informazioni che di sicuro interesseranno chi ha sostenuto la campagna su Ulule di Dungeon World e per chi parteciperà a Lucca Comics 2014

Confermiamo la già annunciata uscita di Inverse World e della seconda edizione di Dungeon World a Lucca Comics and Games 2014 e siamo felici di potervi mostrare l’anteprima delle copertine!
Il loro prezzo sarà rispettivamente 24,90 € e 29,90 €. Esclusivamente in occasione dell’uscita, sarà possibile acquistare i due manuali assieme al prezzo scontato di 45 € presso lo stand Narrattiva.

E per chi ha partecipato al crowdfunding?
Se avete partecipato alla raccolta fondi su Ulule potrete usufruire di ulteriori 5 € di sconto con un acquisto minimo di 25 € (tramite codice che sarà inviato via email), non cumulabile con l’offerta di cui sopra, ma liberamente utilizzabile per l’acquisto degli altri titoli del catalogo Narrattiva presso lo stand (o se desiderate acquistare solo Inverse World o solo Dungeon World seconda edizione).

Non riesci ad esserci a Lucca Comics? Preferisci aspettare per usufruire dello sconto?
Se non potrete essere a Lucca Comics & Games 2014 o se decidete di non usufruire del vostro codice personale in fiera, il codice sarà utilizzabile entro sei mesi dalla ricezione per acquisti sullo store ( per i seguenti giochi della linea Powered by the Apocalypse: Il Mondo dell'Apocalisse,  Cuori di Mostro, Il Mostro della Settimana, Dungeon World, Inverse World.

Come funziona lo sconto per chi ha acquistato più manuali?
Se avete partecipato alla raccolta fondi su Ulule scegliendo ricompense che includevano più di un manuale, riceverete un numero di codici pari al numero di manuali. 
I codici sono utilizzabili in modo cumulativo presso lo stand in occasione di Lucca Comics nel seguente modo: un codice ogni 25 € di acquisti, quindi potrete usarne 2 se acquistate per almeno 50 €, 3 per 75 € ecc. 
Ci affidiamo all’onestà del singolo perché avvisi le altre persone con cui ha effettuato il backing e verifichi se vogliono usufruire del proprio codice o meno.

Per quanto riguarda acquisti successivi sul negozio online, i buoni sconto non saranno invece cumulabili. 
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Student of Computer Science(University of Bologna). Opensource supporter & user, Debian user, Roleplayer, Videogamer.
Social network hater
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