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Stasera si cucina! Non perdetevi la LIVE su:
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Playtest session of A Sullied War, a developing CoIn game on Italian resistance war at the end of WWII.

The big conceptual innovation is the moving front, as the Allies (an automatic "faction") advanced through the Peninsula. The actual factions are the Nazis, Social Republic of Saló (Fascist loyalists), "White" Catholic Partisans and "Red" Communist Partisans.

Very interesting, and highlighting a crucial period in Italian history mostly unknown abroad.
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venghino signori venghino

Ed eccoci al primo annuncio della prossima edizione di GnoccoCON!!!

La Convention si terrà Sabato 19 e Domenica 20 settembre 2015!!!
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While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for both German and international students. An increasing number of US students are taking advantage.
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and now for a first article, the sad state on how security researcher are threaded by the one they try to warn and defend

and don't be afraid to ask, this is my way of giving information to people so i'm here just for that
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oh well we are fucked
A controversial copyright ruling could make it harder to make computer programs work together, and the government advised the Supreme Court not to review it.
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"It held that the technical specifications Google had copied — including the names of functions (such as "max" for the maximum function), as well as what type of data these functions accept and return (like the fact that "max" takes two integers and returns an integer) — was eligible for copyright protection."

Sorry, what??!?
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nothing to add, Schneider is right, as usual
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Also, this is why I'm very looking forward there projects:
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"well, relax, is not real life, but it IS, and it always has been the whole point of these AOL ads 20 years ago was that what you did online would affect your lives immediately, now days with a click you can buy a book, meet your spouse or ruin someone life, sometimes the last you are the same click"

not a technical article, but still it makes very good points, especially  for all the people that say "we can understand each others online"
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and so in a post snowden era Facebook does this, they choose to support PGP for the email that they will send you, i'm a big facebook detractor but i can't find anything wrong with this move.

What is PGP? it's the the facto open standard for mail encryption, you can use it to encrypt any text and to make a digital sign, it use 2 keys one public and one private, the private key is your secret and it's password protected you use it to sign documents and to decrypt text, funnily enough you don't use it for encryption, the public is in the open and anybody can and should see it, with that they will be able to verify your signature and to send Encrypted text to you.

the mechanism is simple, instead of sending around the keys for your safe, you send the safe and take the key so that no one can open the safe while it's been delivered to you.

GPG[1] is the standard program you use for managing PGP keys, and having one is a very useful thing in many cases, you have no secret? well your passwords are, and pgp is a safe way to send them around when you need someone to access something yours.

what it means for facebook to have it? read the article

Facebook and PGP. 2 June 2015. Facebook just announced support for PGP, an encrypted email standard, for email from them to you. It's an interesting move on many levels, albeit one that raises some interesting questions. The answers, and Facebook's possible follow-on moves, are even more ...
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They've found a way to derive the private key from the public key, that's why! heheheheh
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First post of this collection, this is the place where  i will talk about the things that affect everybody regarding computer security and computer science in general.
i'm not an expert on security and i want this space to be comprehensible to people not versed in tech, i want to tackle the social consequences of very important news that nobody really hear about.

in the end this is my answer to CSI:Cyber, because after watching that horror i need to talk about these things.

this will be in the form of a collection of link with some more or less brief explanation.

and now a fair warning, this is a place where i will rant and spit acid about things i don't like about society, maybe while being a bit patronizing about it, this is because these subjects are extremely dear to me and i think them of vital importance for everyone, but i see as they are often ignored and put aside, or seen as FUCKING MAGIC, but we live in a era governed by information where i can talk with all of you and where other people can track me while i do that.

a final thanks to +Talisa Tavella for the title, and to +Alberto Muti for trying to give me a title, and for endless discussions on the subject with a non computer science person.

and now the big rant on the C-word, it's in the title, but will be mentioned as few times as possible(and never in a positive way).
I find the whole concept of cybers-stuff fucking bullshit it's a funny word associated with technology, but the only real use of all the Cyberspace, CyberSecurity, CyberBulling etc is to be sure that people that read it feel more secure, more disconnected by it, it's in cyberspace it's not in this spaceit's away from there.
No it's not you idiotic prick, it's not in Cyberspace it's in your server in your basement and it can fuck you up big time, it's not Cyber Security, it's just Security, just applied to computers, it's information security, it's infosec, it's not CyberBulling, it's Bulling, it's a problem a real one and it won't stop by shutting down your computer, It's here, it's now.
You can talk about Cyber stuff, talking about freaking Cyborgs, or Cyberpunk, or something like that, talk about it for Computer Science and i'll probably try to bite your face off.
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